KPD Vehicle Performance Study

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KPD Vehicle Performance Study

Posted: 05/25/2004
Knoxville Police Deputy Chief Don Green today announced that the department is currently conducting a study comparing the Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor that is currently used by the department to that of the Chevrolet Impala.

The comparison study, which started earlier this month, will allow the department to compare the performance level of the Impala in a work setting. Deputy Chief Green said, "The department is continuing to seek ways to save taxpayer money. The comparison will look at street performance in addition to operational costs associated with the Impala."

The department has purchased six Impalas that have been equipped for the patrol division. Two Impalas have been assigned to each of the three districts. Officers will track the performance level of the Impala to that of their Crown Vic Interceptor. The department will also track maintenance and fuel usage. Deputy Chief Green said in recent comparison tests performed by Michigan State Police, the Impala met or exceeded the performance of the Crown Vic. Although the Impala took approximately 56/100 of a second longer to go from 0-60, it was able to come to a complete stop 17 feet shorter than the Crown Vic. Deputy Chief Green said, "What may be the best advantage the Impala has to offer over its competition is its average fuel consumption.

 The Impala averaged 5 mpg more than the Crown Vic. With today's spiraling fuel costs, the department could potentially save thousands of dollars annually." In addition to better fuel mileage, an Impala costs approximately $3,100 less than a Crown Vic. As a result, Fleet Services has already purchased and issued 33 Impalas to investigators and administrative staff as they continue to downsize non-patrol vehicles. "The department will continue with the performance tests over the next several months," said Deputy Chief Green. "Command staff members will review the test results to determine if the department should increase the number of Impalas within the Patrol Division," Deputy Chief Green concluded.