Officer Honored with Life Saving Award

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Officer Honored with Life Saving Award

Posted: 12/20/2004
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen today awarded the department's Life Saving Award to Officer Brad Anders for his quick actions in saving a family from their burning house. Officer Anders has been with the department since January 1994.

Chief Owen said that on October 10 at approximately 3:30 a.m., officer Anders was patrolling his beat when he pulled onto Dempster Street and noticed a house was engulfed in flames. Due to his knowledge of his beat and the people who live in the house located at 2919 Demptser Street, Officer Anders knew that a family with several small children lived in the house.
Officer Anders ran down the side of the house banging on the siding and windows while yelling for the residents to wake up. Once he was assured they were awake, Officer Anders retrieved the fire extinguisher from his patrol car and was able to extinguish the flames enough to allow the residents to escape.

Once everyone was safe, Officer Anders began an investigation into the incident. It was quickly discovered that the fire had been intentionally set. Through his interview skills and the trust he had built with the occupants of the house, Officer Anders was able to piece together the facts of the case and identify a potential suspect. That information was turned over to Knoxville Fire Department Arson Investigators. Since then, warrants have been placed on two individuals.

Chief Owen said, "Officer Anders remained calm under the pressure while acting quickly to get the residents free from danger. These actions demonstrate his commitment to the community and this department."

Mayor Haslam said, "Officer Anders' actions clearly show his desire to keep the residents of Knoxville safe. The families of the victims as well as the entire community are appreciative of his dedication and service."

Officer Anders will receive a signed certificate from the Mayor and Chief along with a certificate for a free dinner from Bayou Bay Seafood House.