Officer Earns Special Honor For Off-Duty Arrest of Bank Robbery Suspect

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Officer Earns Special Honor For Off-Duty Arrest of Bank Robbery Suspect

Posted: 02/14/2007
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen named Officer Phil Jinks the Officer of the Month for December. Officer Jinks has been with the Knoxville Police Department since May 1999.

Chief Owen said that on December 18, 2006, Officer Jinks was off duty and running personal errands before he was to report for duty. During this time a local radio station released information concerning a bank robbery that had occurred several blocks from Officer Jinks' location. Upon hearing the broadcast, Officer Jinks contacted dispatch to obtain additional information on the suspect along with any information on a possible getaway vehicle. After receiving the information, Officer Jinks continued with his personal business.

After completing his errands, Officer Jinks made one final stop at a convenient store. While entering the store he observed a limousine parked across from his personal vehicle. A male matching the description of the suspect exited the limo and entered the same store with Officer Jinks. Chief Owen said, "Officer Jinks continued with his purchase and returned to his vehicle while maintaining an observation on the suspect's actions and location. Once inside his personal vehicle, he contacted dispatch and began to create a strategy to capture the suspect."
During Officer Jinks' conversation with dispatch the suspect left the store and entered the limo. Officer Jinks followed the vehicle while constantly informing dispatch to their location. Several marked cruisers from local, state and federal agencies conducted a felony traffic stop on the limo on I-75 South in Loudon County. The suspect was found to be in possession of the bank money as well as being wanted on federal warrants. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Chief Owen said, "Officer Jinks displayed excellent skills by remaining calm and collective during this incident. His actions demonstrate the Knoxville Police Department's commitment in training officers to reach a professional level of excellence while both on and off the job."
Mayor Haslam said, "We commend Officer Jinks on his dedication to making this area safe for all visitors and residents of Knoxville."

Officer Jinks will receive a signed certificate from the Mayor and Chief along with a free dinner from Bayou Bay Seafood House.