Recycle Cans and Win Money for the City

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Recycle Cans and Win Money for the City

Posted: 10/02/2007
Recycle your aluminum cans and you might win A $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE and, help win money for the City during the city's participation in the Aluminum Can Recycling Program and partnership with Keep Knoxville Beautiful.

The City Recycling Challenge is a national contest that rewards cities for recycling aluminum beverage cans. The contest will take place from October 1 to October 31th, 2007.

This year Keep Knoxville Beautiful and The City Solid Waste Office will be giving away $20.00 gift certificates from Kroger to residents who are caught recycling cans at any of the City Recycling centers or County Convenience Centers during the month of October.

Aluminum Is 100% Recyclable

The average American drinks 370 beverages from aluminum cans each year, and by recycling those cans that's a lot of waste we can keep out of landfills," Mayor Bill Haslam said. "Knoxville has won its category in 2004 and 2005, and we want to make a come back for 2007.

The cycle to turn cans from trash to something useful is among the fastest of any recyclable item - just 60 days from your recycling bin into new cans on store shelves.

The Cans for Cash - City Recycling Challenge is a project of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Keep America Beautiful, and Novelis Expand Aluminum Can Recycling.

Recycling Saves Energy

It goes without saying that recycling saves energy. But how much, you wonder. Lots.

Recycling 40 cans saves the equivalent of one gallon in gasoline.

The energy saved by recycling one ton of aluminum could fuel a car that gets 35 mpg for 82,250 miles. To help encourage and promote recycling, The U.S. Conference of Mayors has partnered with the Novelis Expand Aluminum Can Recycling to create the Cans for Cash - City Recycling Challenge. City of Knoxville and Knox County Residents are encouraged to recycle their Aluminum Cans all year but especially during the month of October. The City could win cash prizes that will go to fund other recycling projects during the year. Residents can take their cans to any of the City of Knoxville Recycling drop-off centers or County Convenience centers or any of the private recycling companies listed below.

City of Knoxville Drop Off Centers
Kroger Stores
2217 Broadway
5003 Broadway
4440 Western Ave. at Clinton
4918 Kingston Pike

Goodwill Collection Centers

225 W. Moody Av. and,
341 Parkvillage Rd
Corner of Magnolia Ave. & Alice

Food City Stores

5941 Kingston Pike
2939 Alcoa Highway

Knox County Convenience Center Locations
8815 Asheville Hwy.

10618 Dutchtown Rd.

Forks of the river
3106 Water Plant Rd.

3608 Neal Rd.

John Sevier
1810 John Sevier Hwy.

6818 Oak Ridge Hwy.

1514 West Emory Rd.

Tazewell Pike
7128 Tazewell Pike

Philip Metals

2826 N. Central St.

Tennessee Metals

2630 Pickle Ln.