Employee Honored For Cost-Cutting Remodeling Project

Communications Deputy Director

Eric Vreeland
(865) 215-3480

400 Main St., Room 654A
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Employee Honored For Cost-Cutting Remodeling Project

Posted: 03/06/2009
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Police Chief Sterling Owen named Tom Sparks the December Civilian Employee of the Month for the Knoxville Police Department. Mr. Sparkes is the police department's Maintenance Crew Leader and has been with the department since October 2000.
Chief Owen said it became necessary to move the department's Polygraph examination rooms to the 2nd floor of the Safety Building. The plan raised several questions and issues concerning effective sound proofing of the old jail floor wing. Mr. Sparkes researched the issue which resulted in the installation of standard noise reducing materials to the walls and ceilings of the interview rooms.

Chief Owen said, "Another issue was the noisy hallway, but this is where Tom got creative. He was aware of some office partitions that were about to be placed into surplus. Tom removed the partitions from their floor mounted frames and mounted them onto the walls in a very eye-pleasing pattern. He then framed the panels to complete the remodeling challenge." 

Mayor Haslam said, "The retrofit of the used but otherwise serviceable panels not only filled the needs of the project, but saved the department and the city several thousands of dollars. We commend Mr. Sparkes for his resourcefulness and desire to provide a quality product while keeping costs to a minimum."