ETcompetes Symposium Held January 9

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Kristin Farley
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400 Main St., Room 691
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ETcompetes Symposium Held January 9

Posted: 01/09/2013
Today Mayor Rogero welcomed attendees to the ETcompetes Symposium sponsored by Plan East Tennessee in partnership with the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley.

The symposium was held from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the East Tennessee History Center.

The symposium brought together a broad spectrum of regional economic stakeholders to talk and work collaboratively to address the challenges and opportunities facing our region in the future, and to find ways to encourage and advance regional economic competitiveness in East Tennessee.

By taking on our education, health and economic challenges, East Tennessee can improve its prosperity and resilience. Working together, communities in the region stand to gain a competitive edge by capitalizing on and improving the quality of life our region offers. 

More info about the ETcompetes Symposium is available at

What is PlanET?

Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) is a regional partnership of communities building a shared direction for our future. We seek ideas about protecting our valuable resources and addressing our challenges regarding jobs, housing, transportation, a clean environment, and community health. Our goal is to create long-term solutions for investments in our region and to define the next chapter in our rich history, leaving a legacy of optimism and opportunity for future generations.

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