KAT Route Changes Begin June 3

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KAT Route Changes Begin June 3

Posted: 05/29/2013
KATEffective Monday, June 3, a number of KAT routes will have time schedule changes, increased service frequency and other improvements!

The following routes will have time schedule changes:

Route 16: Cedar Bluff Connector (this route will also have some changes to the service area, to include part of the eliminated Route 18 service area)
Route 17: Sutherland (also has increased service frequency)
Route 18: West Shopping Center (this route is being eliminated: some service areas will instead be served by Rt. 16: Cedar Bluff Connector)
Route 20: Central (also has increased service frequency)
Route 32: Dandridge (also has increased service frequency)
Route 41: Chapman Highway (30-minute weekday service until 10:15 p.m.)
Route 40: South Knoxville
Route 42: UT Hospital
Route 90: Earlier weekday morning trip from West Town Mall (beginning at 6 a.m.); later evening trip westbound, leaving Knoxville Center Mall at 7:30 p.m.

The following routes will have increased service frequency:

Route 11: Kingston Pike
Route 21: Lincoln Park
Route 22: Broadway
Route 31: Magnolia
Route 41: Chapman Highway

Additionally, there will be two new routes beginning on June 3:

Route 19: Lakeshore/Lonas will serve Lakeshore Park, South College and Lonas Drive. This route will begin on detour, however, due to the closure of Lyons View.
Route 45: Vestal will serve Montgomery Village and the Vestal community (Route 40 will no longer provide service to Montgomery Village).

All UT routes (The T) will cease operations on Friday, May 31, 2013. These routes include: East-West, North-South, Late Nite, Neyland Express, Link and Access.

Please note that these routes will have NO changes: Rt. 10: Sequoyah, Rt. 12: Western Avenue; Rt. 13: Beaumont; Rt. 23: Millertown; Rt. 24: Inskip; Rt. 30: Parkridge; Rt. 33: MLK, Jr. Ave.; Rt. 34: Burlington; Rt. 43: University Heights Apts. and Rt. 44: Gateway at Knoxville Apts.

New schedules are now available for all routes with changes. You can pick them up at the Knoxville Station. Be sure your schedule has a June 3, 2013 effective date on the cover.