KUB's Round It Up Program Helps Others

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KUB's Round It Up Program Helps Others

Posted: 11/25/2014
KUB's Round It Up Program Helps Others November 25, 2014 - Today, KUB announced a new program in partnership with the Community Action Committee (CAC), called "Round It Up: Pennies for a Purpose." Starting in April 2015, KUB customer bills will be rounded up to the next dollar, with all of the excess money going to a CAC program to weatherize housing for low-income residents.

This came out of the Smarter Cities Partnership, led by the City's Office of Sustainability, which has been looking for ways to more efficiently use resources that get spent every year on helping people pay utility bills, often in very energy-inefficient homes and apartments.

This is a voluntary program - any KUB customer can opt out by calling KUB at (865) 524-2911. But the program could produce as much as $600,000 a year to help some of our most vulnerable citizens. Thanks to KUB and CAC for their leadership!

Photo: KUB CEO Mintha Roach, Mayor Rogero, CAC Executive Director Barbara Kelly and KUB Board Chair Bruce Anderson.