City Celebrates Public Works Week

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News item

City Celebrates Public Works Week

Posted: 05/20/2015
The City of Knoxville is honoring its public works professionals during National Public Works Week, which is May 17-23.

The efforts of the City’s public works experts touch nearly every aspect of life within Knoxville, through the wide range of services offered by the Public Service, Fleet Services, Parks and Recreation, Engineering and Building Inspections departments.

Together, these departments maintain the City’s roadways and sidewalks, build and maintain parks and greenways, plant and maintain trees, implement recycling programs and education, collect household waste, maintain all City facilities, and carry out many other functions of City government.

“This year’s theme – ‘Community Begins Here’ – is so fitting for the services the City provides for Knoxville’s citizens,” said Christi Branscom, Deputy to the Mayor and Chief Operating Officer.

“Our employees recognize that their work is vital to the health, safety and overall well-being of the community. They take pride in what they do. Every day, they strive to ensure a high quality of life for all Knoxvillians. They are often behind the scenes, but their actions do not go unnoticed.”

Since 1960, the American Public Works Association has sponsored National Public Works Week to educate people on the importance of public works to their daily lives.

Mayor Madeline Rogero presented the City’s public works departments with a proclamation naming the week as Public Works Week today in her office.

“Public works departments plan, build, manage and operate in such a key way that they’re the backbone of our community,” Branscom said. “The dedication of these unsung heroes is what makes Knoxville such an attractive destination for visitors and an even better place for its residents to live.”

Public Works Week 2015PHOTO CAPTION: From left, Keith Shields, Fleet Services Director; Dustin Ottinger, Fleet Services Master Technician; Chevelle Lewis, Codes Administrator; David Brace, Public Service Director; Mayor Madeline Rogero; Johnny Davis, Public Service Boom Operator; Rachel Butzler, Engineering Stormwater Technician; Jim Hagerman, Engineering Director; Nikki Crutcher, Parks and Recreation Sports Outreach Coordinator; Joe Walsh, Parks and Recreation Director; Christi Branscom, Deputy to the Mayor; and Peter Ahrens, Building Inspections Director.