City Seeks Nominations for Good Neighbor of the Year

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Kristin Farley
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News item

City Seeks Nominations for Good Neighbor of the Year

Posted: 12/21/2015
What makes a good neighbor?

Is it just someone who keeps up his property and minds his own business? Or is it that outgoing person who takes time to chat and offers you a tomato from her summer garden? Is it the person who drives an elderly neighbor to and from the doctor’s office --- or perhaps the neighbor who always shows up at neighborhood cleanup events?

Good neighbors are friendly and helpful. They welcome new neighbors, especially the ones who may be a bit different than everyone else. They watch out for others, pitch in when needed, and step into leadership positions for the good of the community. 

The City of Knoxville celebrates good neighbors with the Diana Conn Neighbor of the Year Award. 

Nominations are now being accepted for this award, which is presented annually to a City of Knoxville resident who --- in a spirit of cooperation and with commitment to inclusive community --- has devoted time and talent in service to his or her neighbors and neighborhood. 

A committee composed of members of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Council will select the winner, who (along with other finalists) will be announced at the 2016 Neighborhood Awards and Networking Luncheon on Saturday, March 5, 2016, at the Knoxville Convention Center.

To learn more, visit and click on Good Neighbor of the Year Award. The form is easy to fill out. Just use your own words to describe the person you wish to honor.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, January 4. The nominations can be sent to Debbie Sharp by email to or by mail to Office of Neighborhoods – Room 528, City of Knoxville, P.O. Box 1631, Knoxville, TN 37901. Or call Debbie at 865-215-4382 to receive a hard copy of the form in the mail.

The award was named for the late Diana Conn and was presented to her posthumously at the 2013 Neighborhood Conference. The next two winners were Betty Jo Mahan in 2014 and Rita Schwartz in 2015.  

Rita Schwartz Mayor Madeline Rogero presents Rita Schwartz, a resident of Love Towers, with the 2015 Good Neighbor of the Year Award at the 2015 Neighborhood Conference last March. They are surrounded by other finalists for the award.