Explorer Awarded for Dependability and Dedication

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News item

Explorer Awarded for Dependability and Dedication

Posted: 04/17/2015
Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief David Rausch today named Explorer Peyton Goins the Knoxville Police Department's Explorer of the Year. Goins has been an explorer for the department since February 2013.

Chief Rausch said Peyton's hard work and dedication have allowed him the opportunity to advance through the ranks of the program. He has served as Squad Leader and is currently the Executive Officer for the post. In 2014, Explorer Goins donated over 325 hours to the Knoxville Police Department and the community. This does not include the time Goins spends away from the department contacting and coordinating with the other eighteen members of the Explorer Unit. 

Chief Rausch said, "Throughout his time in the explorers, Peyton has done a remarkable job of taking the initiative and responsibility to excel in everything he does. He consistently sets a good example for the other explorers and has never been counseled or disciplined. Peyton is pro-active and seeks out opportunities and ideas to not only increase his work and exposure to law enforcement, but also to better the Explorer Unit."