Mayor Rogero Honors City Employees

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News item

Mayor Rogero Honors City Employees

Posted: 03/31/2016
Employees Honored
Photos by Traci K. McDonell / City of Knoxville
At a special luncheon today held at Calhouns along Volunteer Landing, Mayor Madeline Rogero honored City Employees who have 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service or have retired from the City in the past year. 

More than 1,935 total years of service have been given by current employees reaching their various milestones. 

When you include retirees being recognized, it's a grand total of 3,135 years of service. 

Not all long-term or retired employees were present for the luncheon but they will receive recognition certificates.


Mayor Rogero with City Council retirees
Mayor Rogero with retirees from the City Council office. L to R: Cindy Mitchell, Melissa Peters and Susan Wilson.

Wanda Day honored for 40 years of service
Wanda Day was honored for 40 years of service in the Finance Department

William Morrison was honored for 40 years of service
William Morrison was honored for 40 years of service in the Engineering Department

Joe Cox was honored for 40 years of service
Joe Cox was honored for 40 years of service in the Knoxville Police Department

Michael Anders, Police Dept
Michelle Black, Civil Service
Benny Blackstock, Finance Dept
Leonard Blair, Parks & Recreation
Angela Bourne, Police Dept
Tony Buckner, Public Service
William Cooper, Fire Dept
Linda Copeland, Civil Service
Vicki Dagnan, Police Dept
Keith Debow, Police Dept
Trevor Dunham, Police Dept
Ricky Eastridge, Police Dept
James Edwards, Public Service
Don Evans, Public Service
James Gadd, Police Dept
Ronald Linkins, Police Dept
Bryan Malone, Police Dept
Russell Matthews, Engineering
Christopher, McCarter, Police Dept
Steven McCloud, Public Service
Pamela Mitchell, Parks & Recreation
Alexander Neubert, Public Service
Ray Offenbacher, Police Dept
Melvin Pierce, Police Dept
Dean Ray, Police Dept
Bruce Smith, Public Service
William Still, Police Dept
Shawanna Tipton, 311
John Vineyard, Public Service
Joseph Waterson, Public Service


Samuel Brown, Police Dept
James Coker, Police Dept
Cheryl Davis, Finance Dept
Charles Faulkner, Parks & Recreation
Randall Gibbs, Fire Dept
Warren Hamlin, Police Dept
Gary Holliday, Police Dept
James Hunter, Fire Dept
Michael Kennedy, Fire Dept
Robert Kollenberg, Police Dept
Donald Large, Fire Dept
Craig McNew, Police Dept
Robert Moyers, Public Service
Antoinette Mullet, Police Dept
Dennis Noe, Fire Dept
Brian Osterman, Fire Dept
Donna Patty, Police Dept
Harold Pena, Engineering
Dianna Perrin, Police Dept
Gregory Roberts, Engineering
Robert Russell Jr., Fire Dept
Jeffery Stooksbury, Fire Dept
Brian Townsend, Fire Dept
Danny Wagner, Police Dept
William Warwick, Fire Dept
Richard Webb, Engineering
Darrell Wells, Fire Dept
Darrell Whitaker, Fire Dept


Valerie Coleman, City Court
Tammy Mattina, Police Dept
Marshall Mullett, Inspections


Patricia Byrge, Information Systems
Kim Hawkins, Finance Dept
Stephen King, Engineering
Jeffrey McCarter, Public Service
Wayne Stafford, Public Service


Benjamin Barrett, Fire Dept
Debra Beeler, Parks & Recreation
Linda Blackburn, Finance Dept
Joseph Cox, Police Dept
Wanda Day, Finance Dept
Robert Lowery, Public Service
Rose Manley, Police Dept
William Morrison, Engineering


Scott Brenneman
Deborah Brooks
Roy Brooks
Donna Carter
Karen Conard
Donald Dailey
Steven Fowler
June Fulford
Joanne Fuller
Robert Gillespie
Joseph Hackney
Hobart Harriss
Michael Hill
John Homa
Richard Huskey
Molly Hyatt
Bobby Inman
Charles Johnson
Brently Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Harold Kidwell
Kenneth Kirby
Marlene Krzak
Mark Lacey
Jeffrey Lee
Karen Long
Ronald Long
Joseph MacDonald
Cathy Maples
Fannie Maples
Robert McDaniel
Eddie Milligan
Cindy Mitchell
Donald Mitchell
Denny Norris
Harold Parks
Melissa Peters
Cathy Pitts
Thomas Reynolds
Richard Skaggs
Calvin Splawn
Carl Starnes
Dick Taylor
Gillis Terry
Bob Whetsel
Gary White 
Shirley Whiteaker
Susan Wilson
Rex Wilson