Rescue of Woman from River Earns Officer Life Saving Award

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News item

Rescue of Woman from River Earns Officer Life Saving Award

Posted: 05/31/2016
Mayor, Randolph, Chief Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief David Rausch today awarded the Life Saving Award to Knoxville Police Department Officer Edmund Randolph.  Officer Randolph has been with KPD since April 1989.    

On March 28, 2016, at approximately 4:07 p.m., officers were dispatched to the Henley Street Bridge for a person possibly contemplating suicide by means of jumping into the river below.  Officer Randolph, while on patrol at Lakeshore Park, heard the call and took it upon himself to respond to the waterfront.  While responding, he heard the initial officers’ report the subject had already jumped from the bridge.  Realizing there was not enough time for any of the emergency agency boats to respond and launch, Officer Randolph utilized his knowledge and experience of Marine Patrols and sought for an available option.  Officer Randolph has standing permission from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources (TWRA) to utilize their boat, which is docked at the marina, if needed.  He went directly to the marina to retrieve the TWRA boat only to find the gate to the docks was locked and he did not have a key.  Not letting this stop his initiative, he then climbed on the outside of the dock in order to gain access to the boat.  Once in the boat, he responded to the scene and was directed to the point last seen by the officers and witnesses.  As he began a top water search, he caught a glimpse of the subject's hair as she sank below the surface.  As he moved toward her, he took a pole hook from the boat, reached down where he saw the hair submerge, and was able to hook her by her clothing despite being submerged far enough to be out of sight.  After pulling her up, he then singlehandedly pulled her into the boat.  While communicating with dispatch, he began chest compressions until the victim's airway was opened and she began to show signs of life.  At this point, Officer Randolph directed emergency medical personnel to the nearest boat dock and transported the victim to them.  The victim survived and was transported to UT Medical Center by ambulance for treatment of significant injuries.

Chief Rausch said, “We commend Officer Randolph for his immediate response, his desire to not give up while facing several obstacles, and his sheer determination to save the life of this female.  Thank you on a job well done.”