Assistance in Preparation for Murder Trial Earns Employee Award

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News item

Assistance in Preparation for Murder Trial Earns Employee Award

Posted: 08/01/2017
Woodward with Mayor Rogero and Chief RauschKnoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Chief David Rausch named Janice Woodard the February 2017 Employee of the Month.  Ms. Woodard has been with KPD since November 1998.  

Near the end of January Knoxville Police Department Investigator Tom Thurman was advised by the Knox County District Attorney that a first degree murder trial would be moving forward unexpectedly.  The Violent Crimes Unit was in a situation where they needed eight interviews transcribed within a very short amount of time.  Investigator Thurman sought the assistance of Principal Secretary Janice Woodard.

Ms. Woodard took control of the audio tapes and transcribed 58 hours of audio by working 40 hours of overtime on evenings and the weekend in addition to completing her regular duties.  Ms. Woodard undertook this additional assignment without complaint and completed this hefty task within 8 days.  Her exceptional effort enabled Investigator Thurman to present his completed case file to the DA within the prescribed time constraints.  Furthermore, the quality of her work resulted in the tapes being completed without mistakes. 

Due to Ms. Woodard’s work ethic and competency, the State of Tennessee was prepared on the day of the trial to prosecute a murder defendant.  The defendant was convicted of all charges, including First Degree Murder.

We commend Ms. Woodard for her attitude, competency, and outstanding work ethic.  

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