KPD Honor Guard Awarded Unit Commendation

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News item

KPD Honor Guard Awarded Unit Commendation

Posted: 03/08/2017
Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Chief David Rausch today awarded a Unit Commendation to the Knoxville Police Department’s Honor Guard for their service and performance during the funeral and services for fallen officer, Kenny Moats.

Mayor, Honor Guard, Chief

Members of the Honor Guard devote an incredible amount of time and energy to maintain the highest level of precision and excellence.  In 2015, the Honor Guard completed approximately forty (40) missions over the course of the year. These missions included funerals, memorials, ceremonies, Mayoral events, and the presentation of the Colors at many other functions. The level of preparation that is required to perform these missions in the flawless manner that they are executed is very time intensive. Often, the team arrives at these events in excess of three hours prior to the start time. The team begins to rehearse the mission and then continues to practice until every member is confident that their assignment can be completed with precise execution. 

However, no assignment is more important than to provide services and respect to a fallen officer and their family.  That was the case when Maryville Police Department Officer Kenny Moats was tragically killed in the line of duty on August 25, 2016.  That heartbreaking day brought the East Tennessee community together including law enforcement.  

Following the services and funeral, the KPD Honor Guard received a letter from Sgt. Shaun O’Neal with the Maryville Police Department saying, "Laying our brother to rest hurt all of us. It hurt me a great deal as I was Kenney’s primary training officer and worked closely with him throughout his career in patrol and traffic. The awe and pride your team inspired in me did a lot to help alleviate that pain. As I watched the reverence and respect shown by you and your team as you stood, and as you changed the guards, my focus switched from the emptiness left by Kenny's death to a feeling of pride in knowing how humbled Kenny would have felt at being paid so much honor and respect." 

Chief Rausch said, “We recognize these officers for their commitment to professionalism and excellence. The actions of this team could not have been accomplished without a tremendous amount of commitment to training, both physically and mentally.” 
Maryville Police Sgt. O’Neal closed his letter by saying, “The professionalism, respect, and precision you each displayed will not be forgotten. I will speak of it for the rest of my career and beyond. You and your team have brought great credit to yourselves and your agency.”

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