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Business Breakfast: Inventor Among the 420 Attendees 
Martin Aaron Wade, owner of Aaron's DI

At today's 10th annual Business Breakfast, Martin Aaron Wade was unique.

He's the owner of Aaron's DI, a general contractor, and he once did contract work for the "My Front Yard" home repair program, offered through the City's Community Development Department. He was interested in any tile installation contracts that might be coming up.

But Wade is also an inventor and an innovator. He was interested in getting feedback on and support for his patented FlowSink, a portable utility sink that allows a tile craftsman to easily get clean water inside a home from an outside faucet while running the dirty water outside.

"It saves so much time," Wade says. "I do kitchens and bathrooms, and this cuts my time in half. So I'm here today to see what opportunities are available, and I'm also building support from contractors and looking for investment and marketing partners."

Wade was one of about 420 business owners and managers who attended today's Business Breakfast at the Civic Coliseum. The intent of the 10th annual City breakfast was to help local businesses better compete for upcoming contracts by explaining the scope of work, what the City is looking for and when the contracts will be bid.

City officials also touted the value of networking and team building, as prime contractors and subcontractors can collaborate and put together successful bid proposals on large, complicated public projects.

Posted by evreeland On 14 June, 2018 at 12:30 PM