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What's Your Solid Waste I.Q.? - Bulky Waste 
What is your I.Q. on Solid Waste services?

1. When is bulky waste collected?

a. At the same time as weekly curbside pickup. INCORRECT.
If a Waste Connections driver is able to collect a bulky waste item at the time of trash collection, it is a bonus. It is only policy for the driver to note bulky waste for later pickup.

(b.) Up to two days after curbside trash is collected. CORRECT ANSWER!
Bulky waste items must be placed next to your trash cart by 7 a.m. of your scheduled curbside collection day. The driver will note the bulky waste item(s) and another truck and specialty crew will collect the item(s) within two days. (So, if your pickup day is on Monday, it should be collected by end of the day on Wednesday). If it is not collected within these two days, please call 311.

c. Within 5 business days of curbside trash being collected. INCORRECT.
It is not intended that your bulky waste item be left at the curb for more than two days. Please call 311 and report the item. There may be a reason your bulky waste item has not been collected.

d. After you call ahead to alert Solid Waste of bulky waste presence. INCORRECT.
While you may call ahead on a bulky waste item, it is not required. Waste Connections drivers will note the bulky waste item during your scheduled trash collection and a service request will be filed for your bulky waste item to be collected.

2. Which of these items CANNOT be collected as bulky waste?

Bulky Waste Options

a. Refrigerator - INCORRECT.
A refrigerator can be collected as a bulky waste item. However, Waste Connections can only remove it AFTER a technician has removed the appliance’s coolant and tagged it. Contact an appliance store for suggestions.

b. Couch – INCORRECT.
Couches are collected as bulky waste. Be aware that the cushions may be counted as one of the five-item limit for bulky waste collection.

(c.) Excess bag of trash – CORRECT ANSWER!
Excess bags of trash can be taken to a County convenience center free of charge (locations at www.knoxcounty.org). They can also be taken to the City’s Transfer Station at 1033 Elm St. There is a “Free for City Residents Day” on the first Saturday of every month (unless a holiday). Otherwise, there is a small fee to dispose at the Transfer Station. Or, to reduce your waste, call 311 and sign up for the City’s free curbside recycling program.

d. Rolls of carpet – INCORRECT.
Carpet is collected as long as it is six feet or less in length, rolled up, and tied.

3. What is the maximum number of bulky items that can be left out for collection each week?
a. 1 bulky item per week
b. 3 bulky items per week
(c.) 5 bulky items per week  CORRECT ANSWER!
d. There isn’t a weekly limit for bulky items.

4. Which of these bulky items DO NOT need special treatment before collection will occur?

Which bulky item does NOT need special treatment prior to pickup?

(a.) Mattress - CORRECT ANSWER! That being said, if a mattress is infected with bed bugs, Waste Connections will not collect it as a bulky item until it has been properly wrapped.

b. Refrigerator - INCORRECT. Refrigerators must have coolant drained and a tag must indicate this on the refrigerator before Waste Connections will collect it as a bulky item.

c. Air Conditioner - INCORRECT. ​​​ Air conditioners must have coolant drained and a tag must indicate this on the refrigerator before Waste Connections will collect it as a bulky item.

d. Carpet - INCORRECT. In order to be collected as a bulky item, carpet must be placed next to your cart in six-foot rolls. It must also be securely tied before Waste Connections will collect it as a bulky item.

e. All need special treatment - INCORRECT. (Since a mattress does not normally require special treatment).

Stay tuned for more Bulky Waste trivia through July!

Posted by kgibi On 13 July, 2018 at 6:16 PM