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What's Your Solid Waste I.Q.? - Curbside Trash Pickup 
What's Your Solid Waste I.Q.?

1. Which of the following photos depicts a cart that will not be emptied due to overflow?

Curbside Cart Pickup Graphic

a. Lid slightly propped up – INCORRECT. According to the policy outlined in the City’s contract with Waste Connections, this cart should not be emptied. When lids are left partially open such as this example, there’s a possibility that contents will fall out onto the street as the truck’s automatic arm dumps the cart’s contents

b. Personal carts placed to the side – INCORRECT. These additional carts will not be collected. Under the new tax-saving agreement with Waste Connections, only one 95-gallon cart is collected from each single-family home. An extra blue and orange cart can be rented from Waste Connections for monthly fee (call 522-8161 for more info), or you may join the curbside recycling program for free by calling 311. While waiting for your cart to arrive, you can take your recyclables to any of the City’s five convenient recycling drop-off centers. www.knoxvilletn.gov/recyclingguide  

c. Bag placed on top of cart lid – INCORRECT. This cart would not be emptied with an object resting on top of the container. Most carts are emptied with the use of an automated arm, which increases efficiency and saves tax dollars. Any trash left on top will spill on the ground when the carts are tipped.

d. All of the above – CORRECT ANSWER! In fact, each of these photos depicts a cart that will be left due to overflow issues. (See explanations above).

e. None of the above – INCORRECT.


2. True or false: When I move, I should take my City of Knoxville trash cart with me.

False –
Each cart has a serial number that assigns it to a particular address. Like a curb or a street bench, the curbside cart is property of the City of Knoxville that happens to be assigned to a particular location.

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Posted by kgibi On 15 August, 2018 at 5:06 PM