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Knoxville Fire Department Welcomes 32 New Firefighters 

Congrats to the 32 new City firefighters, who graduated Wednesday!

Congratulations to the City's 32 newest firefighters!

"As of this day, I'm proud to call you fellow firefighters," Fire Chief Stan Sharp told the recruits at Wednesday night's graduation ceremony at the Civic Coliseum.

Mayor Madeline Rogero heartily welcomed the new class and acknowledged the tough demands of the profession they've chosen. The Mayor thanked the firefighters' families as well for their support.

The graduates are: Marcus E. Allen, Caleb C. Beckner, Bryan L. Cramer, Nicholas J. Crawford, Justin G. Dyer, Cassie R. Garner, Lisa J. Hart, Chad B. Haynes, Zachary B. Headrick, Cory A. Killion, Jefferson S. Kindrick, Shane A. Lester, Joshua W. Lewelling, Andrew L. Link, Michael P. Maursetter, Anthony L. McAlister, Steve R. McKinney, Matthew S. Michalowski, Todd L. Morse, Todd M. Naelitz, Anthony D. Owen, Ronnie N. Patterson, Casey B. Reed, Zachary B. Risden, Christopher I. Rush, Thomas K. Sawyer, Noah J. Seiple, Andrew T. Shockley, Paul E. Story II, Samuel J. Thompson, Tyler C. Wills, and Jason D. Woodson.

Jefferson S. Kindrick served as the class president.

The graduates made up KFD's first class in almost three years. As the class members finish up their certifications and get assigned to active duty, the Knoxville Fire Department will resume full strength – which is about 330 firefighters.

Mayor Rogero praised the caliber of the recruit class, noting that more than 500 people applied for these 32 firefighting openings.

The Chief praised the class' intuition, collaboration skills and enthusiasm.

"It's crucial, and emphasized heavily during the academy training, that recruits work well together as a team," Sharp said. "These men and women exhibited that teamwork as well as any class I've seen before. It was remarkable."

The first of the graduates to be assigned to active duty begin on Sunday.

"Graduations are happy occasions for the entire department," Sharp said. "Everyone is excited to welcome the new graduates."

Lots of happy families and firefighters at Wednesday's graduation. Hats off to the graduating class!

City's newest firefighters are sworn in.

During Wednesday's graduation, the new firefighters received their badges.

Posted by evreeland On 11 December, 2015 at 4:42 PM