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Riding to Lunch on Cumberland -- for Free! 
Today is the first day of Knoxville Area Transit's Free Fare service on Cumberland Avenue -- if you catch a KAT bus on Cumberland, anywhere from downtown to the western end of Cumberland, your ride is free! The service will continue for the duration of construction on the Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project, to make it easier to get to and from destinations on Cumberland while reducing vehicle traffic.

To promote the service and support Cumberland Avenue businesses, a group of City of Knoxville staff members joined Chief Operating Officer and Deputy to the Mayor Christi Branscom for a ride out to Sunspot for lunch. The rides were quick and convenient, and the food was delicious!

For more information on the Free Fare program, click here. For updates and information about the Cumberland Avenue project, see the website at CumberlandConnect.

Boarding KAT bus
City staff board a KAT bus on Cumberland Avenue downtown.

City staff lunch at Sunspot
Lunch at Sunspot.

KAT Director Dawn Distler  
City Transit Director Dawn Distler helps spread the word about the Free Fare program.

Posted by On 01 June, 2015 at 1:56 PM