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Happy 225th Birthday, Knoxville! 9-Month Celebration Kicks Off Now 
Kickoff event Feb. 5 at ET History Center for Knoxville's 225th anniversary.

This afternoon, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and Visit Knoxville leaders officially kicked off the celebration of Knoxville's 225th anniversary at the East Tennessee History Center, 601 S. Gay St.

The 225th anniversary - a months-long birthday party that crescendos toward the Oct. 3 anniversary date - will include collaborations by the city’s arts, historical and cultural organizations to highlight Knoxville's unique past. Local museums and historic homes will be offering signature events and special programming throughout 2016.

Mayor Rogero spoke at today's press conference of cherishing "the fabric of the life of a city - a city with a rich and varied history, enlivened by diverse cultures, a crossroads of trade and commerce."

"During this 225th anniversary year, we will be celebrating that history in many ways, large and small," the Mayor said. "We all have our own Knoxville stories to tell, from the First Families of Tennessee right up to immigrants who just arrived here.

"This year is an opportunity to share all of those stories, and to celebrate the city we are all fortunate to call home."

To read the remarks delivered by Mayor Rogero today, please click HERE.

Kickoff event Feb. 5 at ET History Center for Knoxville's 225th anniversary.

Jack Neely, executive director of the Knoxville History Project, said Knoxville was small but internationally known in 1791 because it was one of 17 capital cities in a new nation.

"Though probably not much to look at, Knoxville at its birth in 1791 was the capital of the Southwest Territory, and therefore one of only 17 capital cities in the new United States," Neely said. "It soon hosted one of the first American newspapers, and one of the first American colleges, west of the Appalachians."

For more information about cultural and historical events being planned, visit 225th Anniversary Events or http://www.knoxvilletn.gov/225, or call 1-800-727-8045.

The first event is a salute to Tennessee Constitution Day at 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6, at Blount Mansion. Jack Rentfro and band will read parts of the original 1796 constitution with improvisational music.

Other events include Tennessee Statehood Day on June 1 and Founders' Day Weekend, Sept. 30 to Oct. 3.

Posted by evreeland On 05 February, 2016 at 5:08 PM