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Big Crowd Celebrates Dogwood Arts with Opening Luncheon in Holston Hills 
Great to cut the ribbon on Dogwood Arts' featured trail in Holston Hills today.

A large crowd, soaking up the sun, natural beauty and comradery, feted the Dogwood Arts in Holston Hills today - first, by cutting a ribbon for the Holston Hills Dogwood Trail, and then by gathering for the traditional Opening Luncheon.

The Holston Hills Dogwood Trail is the 2016 featured trail, and it's been a Dogwood Arts favorite since 1956.

Mayor Madeline Rogero helped community leaders and Dogwood Arts organizers in cutting the ribbon at the Holston Hills Community Park.

Later, at the luncheon, the Mayor praised Dogwood Arts for helping to "renew our sense of awe in natural wonders" while offering diverse foods, music and intellectually-stimulating public art to 250,000 trail and event participants.

Dogwood Arts continues until May 1. For information on upcoming events or to find a trail near you, visit https://www.dogwoodarts.com/.

Perfect weather for a ribbon-cutting at Holston Hills Community Park.
Mayor Rogero: Dogwood Arts is engrained into our cultural DNA.
Kudos to the Holston Hills Community Park gardeners.
Always great to celebrate Dogwood Arts with City Council members.

Posted by evreeland On 15 April, 2016 at 5:15 PM