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Smart Trips, KAT Host Free Thursday "Commute Diagnosis" - Improve Your Trip, Save Cash! 
Smart Trips and KAT experts on Thursday will help individuals customize their commute to work.

Is there an easier, less expensive or more fun way to get to work?

On Thursday morning, Aug. 13, come to the City County Building and find out!

From 10 a.m.-noon, Smart Trips and representatives from KAT we will be hosting a "Commute Diagnosis" informational meeting in conference room 549. Let the experts help you save money, save the environment, burn calories or socialize more through your work commute. Anyone attending will get one-on-one advice and instruction on how to find a carpool match, how to find a bus route or the safest bike or pedestrian routes.

Plus, you’ll get help setting up a Smart Trips account, which shows the commuter how much money is being saved and how the commutes benefit the environment.

C’mon by Thursday morning for your free “Commute Diagnosis.”

Posted by evreeland On 12 August, 2015 at 9:42 AM