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More Options for Pickleball as Interest Increases All Over Knoxville 

Pickleball is currently on the rise in Knoxville. Worldwide, pickleball has seen a growing trend, but many people are confused as to what pickleball is. If you’re a fan of pickles, then sorry, but there are no pickles involved. For this game you need a wooden paddle, wiffle ball, and up to three of your closest friends.

Pickleball is relatively new to the Knoxville scene, The City opened the first six outdoor pickleball courts last year in West Hills, and hosted Knoxville’s only pickleball tournament in April of this year with over 150 players.

With high demand from around the community, the City decided to open four more by converting one tennis court at Sam Duff Memorial Park. The city also has 18 indoor courts spread among six locations.

Aaron Browning, Parks and Recreation Deputy Director, says, "Once [citizens] get playing [pickleball], there’s a relatively quick learning curve, and many enjoy the social aspect while playing, and hanging out after playing, or traveling to tournaments together has developed a full connection to the sport and those they enjoy playing with."

He went on to say, "[The courts have] been a positive addition for our department by offering a new activity which has resulted in many new faces using the centers."

Currently, Parks and Recreation are hosting free pickleball clinics through October 28, 2016, at the City’s six indoor locations. There will also be a pickleball tournament at Sam Duff on October 21 – 23. For more information, about pickleball or parks and recreation visit http://pickleball.knoxvilleathletics.com.

Blog post written by Tyler Cookston, City Communications Intern.
Posted by On 11 October, 2016 at 5:30 PM