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Large Downtown Sculpture Unveiled on Hill Avenue 
Mayor Rogero, Vice Mayor Duane Grieve, former Mayor
Daniel Brown, Councilman George Wallace, and members of the
RiverHill Gateway Neighborhood Association and Public Arts
Committee pose with the new sculpture on Hill Avenue.

Mayor Madeline Rogero, the RiverHill Gateway Neighborhood Association, and the City's Public Arts Committee unveiled on Thursday an eight-by-twelve-foot sculpture at the intersection of Hill Avenue and Hall of Fame Drive.

Mayor Rogero and Derek White
Mayor Rogero and artist Derek White

The sculpture, created by Derek White, features nine silhouettes of wildlife and recreation enthusiasts. With amenities like the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center, the Tennessee River, and downtown greenway system nearby, the sculpture's theme seems appropriate. The piece uses a steel abstract screen and nine silhouettes to create a sense of perpetual motion.

Kaye Bultemeier, President of the RiverHill Gateway Neighborhood Association, worked with residents, local businesses and the City's Public Arts Committee to raise $23,000 for the sculpture.

"How this project came about really demonstrates the wide appeal of public art," said Mayor Rogero. "It shows how a neighborhood that’s passionate about creating a unique sense of place can make a powerful and artistic statement by coming together to turn a vision into a reality."

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Posted by On 14 October, 2016 at 10:13 AM