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Mayor Rogero Proclaims November as Adoption Awareness Month 
Mayor Madeline Rogero today proclaimed November to be Adoption Awareness Month.

There was a jubilant gathering in Circuit Court Judge Deborah C. Stevens’ courtroom this morning. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero today proclaimed November to be Adoption Awareness Month, and nearly 20 children officially joined local families as their adoptions were happily finalized.

"Children deserve to be raised in loving families with parents who protect and nurture them, and for some children, adoption is their best chance for a healthy and happy life," the Mayor's proclamation reads. "Currently, there are more than 100 children awaiting permanency who are in state custody in Knoxville/Knox County. ... Although we have made dramatic progress in encouraging adoption, we must strengthen our efforts to find a safe, loving and permanent home for every child awaiting one."

Last year, the Department of Children’s Services placed and finalized adoptions of more than 200 children into loving and caring families in Knoxville and Knox County.

"The City of Knoxville and Knox County support and honor the quiet heroes of the Adoption Support and Preservation Program, the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, provider agencies and other foster care/adoption advocates and families who help provide children the opportunity for an upbringing in a loving, happy and healthy home," the proclamation concludes.

Congratulations to the joyous parents and children involved in today's adoptions. What a perfect way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday!

Mayor Rogero congratulates the parents of 18 children who were adopted Thursday morning.

Posted by evreeland On 17 November, 2016 at 1:51 PM