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Harris Hoehne Honored by Keep Knoxville Beautiful; Suttree Landing, Pedestrian Bridge Win Orchids 
Mayor Madeline Rogero greets long-time community volunteer Felicia Harris-Hoehne before the March 7 Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Awards Dinner.

Congratulations to long-time community leader and volunteer Felicia Harris Hoehne, who was honored with Keep Knoxville Beautiful's first-ever "Felicia Award," presented by Mayor Madeline Rogero at Tuesday night's Orchid Awards Dinner.

The award, named for Harris Hoehne, will be presented annually to honor an individual who exemplifies Keep Knoxville Beautiful’s mission to promote a cleaner and greener Knoxville.

Harris Hoehne, a driving force behind the Spring Place Neighborhood Association, served for about 50 years as a professional research librarian at the University of Tennessee. She joined the Keep Knoxville Beautiful board in 2009, and her commitment to the KKB mission (and her reputation as an avowed scourge of roadside trash) is legendary. In a room full of beautification advocates, she's probably the only person known to hire crews to pick up litter in other people's neighborhoods!

Among the Orchid Award winners were the City's Suttree Landing Park, selected in the "Outdoor Spaces" category, and the pedestrian bridge spanning Henley Street, near the Convention Center, in the "Public Art" category:

Suttree Landing Park was honored with a Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Award on March 7, 2017.

Pedestrian bridge crossing Henley Street near the Convention Center. Courtesy of Dan Andrews.

Pedestrian bridge spanning Henley Street illuminated at night.

Other winners (and their category):

- Balter Beer Works and K Brew (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Breweries);
- The Daniel and Patricia Nash Designs (Reuse and Redesign);
- UT's Natalie L. Haslam Music Center (New Architecture);
- UT's Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (Environmental Stewardship); and
- The Tennessee Theatre (Mary Lou Horner Award).

For more details on the winners and a complete list of nominations, please visit http://www.keepknoxvillebeautiful.org/orchid-awards. Congratulations to all the nominees and Orchid Award winners!

The first-ever Felicia Award webnt to the award's namesake. Congrats, Felicia Harris Hoehne!

Mayor Rogero (left) presented the first Felicia Award to Felicia Harris Hoehne (second from right).

Details about KKB on display at Orchid Awards Dinner.

Old City Buskers perform at Orchid Awards Dinner.
Posted by evreeland On 10 March, 2017 at 1:30 PM