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KAT Named Outstanding Public Transportation System 
Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award

KAT Award BannerKnoxville Area Transit and the City are extremely pleased to announce that the American Public Transportation Association, or APTA, has recognized KAT with the 2017 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award for small transit systems.

KAT is this year’s top transit system for its size in North America. KAT provides about 3 million passenger trips each year.

APTA analyzed 11 different elements of transit service – everything from safety to customer service to financial management.

“This award reflects a can-do attitude at KAT and a dedicated focus toward quality customer service,” Mayor Madeline Rogero said at Knoxville Station today, announcing the award as a banner with a new logo was unfurled. “But as Director of Transit Dawn Distler and everyone on her team will tell you: KAT’s success is really due to the dependability and professionalism of its people – across all of KAT’s departments.”

A number of employees were recognized and applauded, including Kenny Dunlap and Richard Beeler, bus operators who have driven more than 3 million accident-free miles since starting at KAT in the mid-1970s.

The 2017 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award reflects improvements in service made to 14 of 23 routes within the past three years. KAT has extended service later into evenings and weekends and improved frequencies.

KAT Gets Award

“We have always known that we have a great transit system in Knoxville,” Mayor Rogero said. “It is exciting to see KAT recognized by the entire North American transit industry.”

Congratulations to KAT! For more details about the APTA award, visit http://bit.ly/2sRE8wL.

KAT Gets Award

Posted by tmcdonell On 21 June, 2017 at 5:14 PM