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Strong Start for Go Vote! Knoxville in 1st District  
Go Vote Knoxville 1st District

The 1st District made a strong showing for the first of the Go Vote! Knoxville events, held Monday night at the South Knoxville Community Center.

An estimated 90 attendees came out to learn about this year's City Council election cycle and hear from the 1st District's four City Council candidates:
  • Greg Knox
  • Rebecca Parr
  • Stephanie Welch
  • Andrew Wilson

Visitors to the event enjoyed free pizza and treats provided by the "Young at Heart" Club of the South Knoxville Community Center.

Eric Johnson, president of the Vestal Neighborhood Association, welcomed the crowd and the neighborhood group representatives later hosted their monthly meeting in a section of the gymnasium following the speaking portion of the evening.

Mayor Madeline Rogero spoke to the crowd at the beginning of the program, sharing the important role that City Council members have in the Mayor's decisions for annual budgets.

"It's rewarding to look around this gymnasium today and see so many engaged, energetic citizens," Mayor Rogero said in her remarks. "That's really what Go Vote Knoxville is all about - creating opportunities for dialogue, and encouraging people to get involved in electing local leaders who best represent their vision for Knoxville's future."

Chris Davis of the Knox County Election Commission gave tutorials on the voting machine, helped residents register to vote, and also spoke to the crowd about the schedule for this election cycle. (Find the election schedule at www.GoVoteKnoxville.com)

Janice Tocher, Treasurer for the South Knoxville Alliance and Vice Chair of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, also spoke in the program. Tocher shared her enthusiasm for the 1st District's chances of winning the Mayor's friendly challenge for the district with the best voter turnout and most improved voter turnout.

Overall, the evening promised an improved turnout for the City Council election, which tends to have low voter participation when standing on its own ticket (as opposed to coinciding with federal and state elections).

For more information, visit www.GoVoteKnoxville.com.

Posted by On 11 July, 2017 at 5:25 PM