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New Cumberland Crosswalks Being Installed This Week 

There are still dozens of tasks on the Cumberland Avenue to-do list, as crews wrap up the details and prepare for the Aug. 17 ribbon-cutting, the City’s official celebration of the completion of the $25 million project.

For instance, check out this video:

A local company, Streetscapes, is providing some of the finishing touches. Its crews are adding decorative color and a stamped pattern to the asphalt at the intersection crosswalks. The crosswalks resemble red bricks, with white safety stripes to alert motorists to the possibility of pedestrians crossing the street.

So far, the new crosswalks have been stamped near University Commons and at Cumberland intersections at West Volunteer Boulevard, North 19th Street, South 21st Street and Mountcastle Street. More to come this week!

Posted by evreeland On 08 August, 2017 at 2:43 PM