Electrical Board of Examination, Review, Adjustments & Appeals

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Call 865-215-2988 or 865-215-4244

Any person, firm, or corporation, may register an appeal with the Board to review decisions of the Electrical Inspector Chief provided that such appeal is made in writing within five (5) days after such person, firm, or corporation shall have been notified of such decision by the Electrical Inspector. Upon receipt of such appeal the Board shall determine whether the action of the Electrical Inspector Chief complies with this Ordinance.

The Board of Electrical Examinations and Review meets each quarter for the examination of applicants for licenses, setting fees for examination applications and for the transaction of other business, and to periodically review the City of Knoxville Electrical Code.


The Board of Electrical Examinations and Review consists of the Development Director, or a designee, who serves as Chairman for the term of his office, and seven (7) other members appointed by the Mayor. One of the members appointed by the Mayor shall be a representative of Knoxville Utilities Board, two shall be electrical contractors, one shall be a maintenance representative from an industrial plant, one shall be a licensed electrical engineer, one shall be a licensed architect, and one shall be a consumer representative, all of whom shall serve for three years. Board members may continue to serve until reappointed or replaced.


Board meets quarterly on the first Thursday in the months of February, May, August & November. If the first Thursday is on the 1st of the month, then the board meets the second Thursday. Meetings are held at 3:30 pm in the Small Assembly Room in the City County Building.

Click here to view current board membership and to check for opportunities to serve on this board.