Plat Review

Engineering Director

James R. Hagerman, P.E.
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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The Stormwater Engineering Division works with the Knoxville - Knox County Planning to review final survey plats for site development and construction within the City of Knoxville. The plat review process is summarized in Figure 2-3 of the Land Development Manual, with further information given in Chapter 4 and several of the policies in Appendix C. The Stormwater Engineering Division uses the Plat Review Checklist (in Appendix A of Land Development Manual) to review survey plats.

The Riparian Buffer Zone requirements have recently replaced the Restricted-Use Buffer Zone requirements for waters of the state within the City of Knoxville. Click here for additional information or you can view the Riparian Buffer Zone requirements in the Stormwater and Street Ordinance.

The Civil Engineering Division and KGIS have established an interactive mapping website for city survey control points. The website allows the internet user to locate the nearest survey control points, print survey control data, print maps, compute bearings and distances between points, etc.

KGIS maintains a comprehensive user-friendly interactive mapping website called KGIS Maps with a wide variety of information for each parcel (property ownership, addresses, zoning, CLT map numbers, parcel IDs, school zones, buildings, streets, districts, wards, recorded deed references, political boundaries, city limits, voting precincts) that can be viewed and printed.

Final plat requirements are fully described in the Subdivision Regulations, which are maintained by the Knoxville - Knox County Planning 

The most common points of contact at the Stormwater Engineering Division (865) 215-2148 for plat review and coordination with plans review are: 

Plat review, easements  - Matt Plyler, Charlotte Goforth, or Ben Davidson
Plans review, design questions - Joshua Frerichs, Adam Kohntopp, Joshua Jenkins, or Linda Pierucci
Stormwater quality design & maintenance - David Hagerman
Construction bonds, covenants, agreements - Susan Nelson