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garbage cartMakenzie Read   
Public Service Coordinator

**The City Has Modernized its Residential Garbage Pick-Up Services**

If you have not received your City of Knoxville gray garbage cart please call 311.

Each trash cart is assigned to a particular address. If you move do not take the trash cart with you. If a trash cart is not already at your new address please call 311 and we will deliver one to you. It is important that the trash carts remain at the address where they were assigned. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this detail!

Now that you have received your new City-issued garbage cart please remember that all weekly household garbage must fit inside the cart to be collected. Any overflow household garbage will not be collected. Please see our curbside garbage page for more details.

Residents who cannot find a way to reuse their old trash cans nor know of anyone else who could reuse their old trash cans may place them inside the new City of Knoxville issued trash cart and fill up the rest of the garbage cart with their household trash. If your old garbage can cannot fit inside the new cart then it is considered bulky waste and must be set beside your new cart empty  with a note on it that clearly says, "DISCARD". It could take up to 48 hours to be collected. Thank you for your patience as we transition into a more modern trash collection system! 

Visit our Curbside Garbage page for complete details. Click here for frequently asked questions or check out the Cart Smart Blog. 


*If your gray City of Knoxville trash cart was not emptied on your regular pickup day then please call 311. Note that Waste Connections has until the end of your pickup day to empty your City of Knoxville trash cart so please wait until the following day to call 311 and report the miss. Calls made more than 48 hours after your miss may not be processed until your next pickup day. 


Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are the only 2 holidays that Waste Connections does not make collections on. If your collection day falls on either of these 2 holidays then your collection will resume the following day. Each day after, for that week, collections will be one day behind schedule. For example, if the holiday falls on Monday the collection for Monday will take place on Tuesday. Tuesday's materials will be picked up on Wednesday and so on through Saturday.

Downtown trash and recycling will not be collected on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  

The City drop-off recycling centers are open 24/7 every day of the year.  

Please visit the links at the top of the page to learn more about garbage related services in Knoxville.