Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual

Engineering Director

James R. Hagerman, P.E.
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 480
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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Note 1: People are encouraged to use this website to obtain the entire Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual or particular portions that they may be interested in. Check often for updates and revisions. The BMP Manual is also available on CD-ROM (when supplies are available) at the Engineering Technical Services Counter, Room 462 of the City County Building.

Note 2: Please contact the Stormwater Engineering Division, Room 480 in the City County Building, with written comments or suggestions. Be specific concerning the page number and location. E-mail comments to

Note 3: The entire BMP Manual can be downloaded as a single PDF file with bookmarks to easily navigate document. If bookmarks are not visible in the PDF file, then choose menu item "Show Bookmarks". It is highly recommended that a user have a cable connection for the document to successfully download.

Entire BMP Manual
File: Knoxville BMP Manual            
Size:  22,062 kb; 529 pages

Section 1 - Main Text of BMP Manual 

File name Rev. Date Title
BMP SPINE [PDF] 05/03 Label to insert into spine for a 3" binder
BMP TITLE [PDF] 05/03 Title Page
BMP NOTES [PDF] 06/15 Introductory Notes Page
BMP ACK [PDF] 03/14 Ack. Page
BMP REV [PDF] 06/15 Revisions Page
BMP TOC [PDF] 06/15 Table of Contents
BMP ABBR [PDF] 04/07 List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
BMP CH01 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 1 – Introduction
BMP CH02 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 2 – Erosion and Sediment Control
BMP CH03 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 3 – Stormwater Pollutants
BMP CH04 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 4 – Selecting BMPs
BMP CH05 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 5 – Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
BMP CH06 [PDF] 03/13 Chapter 6 – Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
BMP CH07 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 7 – Special Pollution Abatement Permit
BMP Form M1 [PDF] 06/06 SPAP Application Form - General (Chapter 7)
BMP Form M2 [PDF] 01/14 SPAP Application Form - Food Handling & Processing Facilities (Chapter 7)
BMP Form M3 [PDF] 01/14 SPAP Application Form - Vehicle & Equipment Facilties (Chapter 7)
BMP Form M4 [PDF] 01/14 SPAP Application Form - Vehicle Wash Facilties (Chapter 7)
BMP FormM5 [PDF] 01/14 SPAP Application Form - Large Parking Lot Facilties (Chapter 7)
BMP CH08 [PDF] 01/10 Chapter 8 – List of Related Websites
BMP CH09 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 9 – Glossary of Terms
BMP CH10 [PDF] 05/03 Chapter 10 – List of References

Section 2 - BMPs for Activities and Methods (AM)

The BMPs listed in this section are generally applicable to all types of land uses.  Although generally written from the point of view of construction activities and operations, these BMPs also pertain to existing developed properties such as commercial and industrial facilities, schools and institutions, houses and apartment buildings, etc.  These BMPs focus on good housekeeping measures that reduce or eliminate stormwater pollutants. 

File name Rev. Date Title
AM-01 [PDF] 05/03 Employee Training
AM-01 TAB [PDF] 05/03 Table - Quick Reference for Disposal Alternatives
AM-02 [PDF] 05/03 Construction Scheduling
AM-03 [PDF] 05/03 Preservation of Existing Vegetation
AM-03 TAB [PDF] 05/14 Table – Knoxville Tree Protection Ordinance
AM-04 [PDF] 05/03 Maintenance of Existing Drainage Systems
AM-05 [PDF] 05/03 Storm Drainage System Flushing
AM-06 [PDF] 01/01 Material Delivery and Storage
AM-07 [PDF] 01/01 Spill Prevention and Control
AM-07 TAB [PDF] 05/03 Table - Emergency and Regulatory Contacts
AM-08 [PDF] 05/03 Waste Management and Recycling
AM-09 [PDF] 05/03 Sanitary and Septic Waste Management
AM-10 [PDF] 01/01 Contaminated Soil Management
AM-11 [PDF] 01/01 Dust Control
AM-12 [PDF] 01/01 Dewatering Operations
AM-13 [PDF] 01/01 Pesticide, Herbicide and Fertilizer Use
AM-14 [PDF] 05/03 Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning
AM-15 [PDF] 05/03 Vehicle and Equipment Fueling
AM-16 [PDF] 05/03 Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance
AM-17 [PDF] 01/01 Paving Operations
AM-18 [PDF] 01/01 Concrete Waste Management
AM-19 [PDF] 01/01 Structure Construction and Painting

Section 3 - BMPs for Erosion and Sediment (ES)

The proposed BMPs listed in this section will focus predominantly on erosion and sediment control, which is one of the most significant issues for construction projects.  It takes a coordinated effort on the part of many individuals to implement erosion and sediment controls correctly. 

 File name Rev. Date Title
ES-01 [PDF] 08/02 Stabilized Construction Entrance
ES-02 [PDF] 05/03 Tire Washrack
ES-03 [PDF] 05/03 Construction Road Stabilization
ES-04 [PDF] 05/03 Gradient Terraces
ES-05 [PDF] 01/01 Surface Roughening
ES-06 [PDF] 01/01 Topsoil
ES-07 [PDF] 01/01 Mulch
ES-08 [PDF] 01/01 Seeding
ES-09 [PDF] 01/01 Sodding
ES-10 [PDF] 01/01 Trees, Shrubs and Vines
ES-10 TAB [PDF] 01/01 Table - Tree Species Suggested for Planting
ES-11 [PDF] 01/01 Erosion Control Matting
ES-12 [PDF] 01/01 Geotextiles
ES-13 [PDF] 05/03 Check Dams
ES-14 [PDF] 05/11 Silt Fence
ES-15 [PDF] 05/03 Straw Bale Barrier
ES-16 [PDF] 01/01 Sandbag Barrier
ES-17 [PDF] 01/01 Brush or Rock Filter Berm
ES-18 [PDF] 05/03 Temporary Sediment Trap
ES-19 [PDF] 01/01 Sediment Basin
ES-20 [PDF] 05/03 Bank Stabilization and Soil Bioengineering
ES-21 [PDF] 01/01 Diversions and Swales
ES-22 [PDF] 05/03 Channel Linings
ES-23 [PDF] 05/03 Riprap
ES-24 [PDF] 10/09 Temporary Inlet Protection
ES-25 [PDF] 05/03 Outlet Protection
ES-26 [PDF] 01/01 Level Spreader
ES-27 [PDF] 05/03 Floating Sediment Curtain
ES-28 [PDF] 05/03 Gabions
ES-29 [PDF] 07/03 TDOT Standard Details for Erosion Control
ES-30 [PDF] 05/03 TDEC Erosion and Sediment Control BMPs

Section 4 - BMPs for Industrial and Commercial (IC)

The BMPs listed in this section are generally applicable to industrial and commercial properties, and also other land uses wherever material handling and large-scale maintenance items occur. Some BMPs apply equally well to residential properties and most businesses. Industrial and commercial facilities will also want to consult the BMPs listed in Section 2 (AM), which are generally useful for eliminating or reducing pollution generation.

File name Rev. Date Title
IC-01 [PDF] 05/03 Non-Stormwater Discharges to Storm Drains
IC-02 [PDF] 01/01 Outdoor Loading and Unloading of Materials
IC-03 [PDF] 01/01 Outdoor Container Storage of Liquid Materials
IC-04 [PDF] 05/03 Outdoor Process Equipment Operations
IC-05 [PDF] 01/01 Grounds Construction and Maintenance
IC-06 [PDF] 05/03 Over-Water Operations
IC-07 [PDF] 05/03 Food Service and Handling
IC-08 [PDF] 08/07 Power or Pressure Washing
IC-09 [PDF] 05/03 Swimming Pools and Spas
IC-10 [PDF] 12/12 Dumpsters
IC-11 [PDF] 05/03 Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
IC-12 [PDF] 05/03 Air Conditioners and Refrigeration
IC-13 [PDF] 05/03 Farms and Agricultural Land
IC-14 [PDF] 05/03 Response to Sanitary Sewer Overflows
IC-15 [PDF] 03/14 Mobile Food Service Operations

Section 5 - BMPs for Residential and Homeowners (RH) 

The BMPs listed in this section are generally applicable to residential properties. BMPs from other sections (AM, ES) may be helpful in reducing pollution or controlling erosion. Some types of stormwater treatment (ST) BMPs may also occur on residential property or easements.

File name Rev. Date Title
RH-01 [PDF] 05/03 Non-Stormwater Discharges to Storm Drains
RH-02 [PDF] 05/03 Vehicle Washing
RH-03 [PDF] 05/03 Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs
RH-04 [PDF] 05/03 Landscape Irrigation and Lawn Watering
RH-05 [PDF] 05/03 Pesticides and Fertilizers
RH-06 [PDF] 05/03 Household Hazardous Waste
RH-07 [PDF] 05/03 Sanitary Sewer Laterals and Septic Tanks
RH-08 [PDF] 05/03 Pet and Animal Wastes
RH-09 [PDF] 05/03 Slope and Streambank Stabilization
RH-10 [PDF] 05/03 Swimming Pools and Spas
RH-11 [PDF] 05/03 Boating and Marinas
RH-12 [PDF] 05/03 Tips for Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces

Section 6 - BMPs for Stormwater Treatment (ST)

The BMPs listed in this section represent permanent stormwater treatment practices that generally achieve both stormwater quantity and stormwater quality objectives. Also included are example detention computations and other hydrologic data. 

File name Rev. Date Title
ST-01 [PDF] 10/07 Dry Detention Basin
ST-02 [PDF] 10/07 Wet Detention Basin
ST-03 [PDF] 05/03 Infiltration Systems
ST-04 [PDF] 05/03 Constructed Wetlands
ST-05 [PDF] 05/03 Filter Strips and Swales
ST-06 [PDF] 05/03 Water Quality Inlets & Media Filtration Inlets
ST-07 [PDF] 05/03 Oil / Water Separator
ST-08 [PDF] 05/03 Underground Detention
ST-09 [PDF] 05/03 Multiple Systems
ST-10 [PDF] 10/07 Detention Computations
ST-11 [PDF] 05/03 Detention Example for Spreadsheet
ST-12 [PDF] 05/03 Detention Example for HEC-1 and HEC-HMS
ST-13 [PDF] 05/03 Other Hydrologic Computations
Excel Spreadsheets
ST-11-CN [XLS] 05/03 Worksheet #1 - Computing Tc and CN
ST-11-EST [XLS] 05/03 Worksheet #2 - Initial detention volume estimates
(Worksheets #3 through #8 not available electronically - spreadsheet detention is discouraged.)
Example Input File for HEC-1
HEC1-EX [TXT] 05/03 Example HEC-1 Data File

Section 7 - BMPs for Tree Preservation and Maintenance (TP)

The BMPs listed in this section pertain to the protection and maintenance of trees.  The preservation and protection of trees brings unique benefits in the community by assisting the natural control of solar heat, soil conservation, flood control, air pollution and noise. 

File name Rev. Date Title
TP-01 [PDF] 06/15 Tree Preservation and Maintenance
TP-02 [PDF] 06/15 Tree Protection Fencing
TP-03 [PDF] 06/15 Root Pruning
TP-04 [PDF] 06/15 Tree Planting and Staking
TP-05 [PDF] 06/15 Selected Tree Species for Planting
Manual Revisions

March 12, 2014 - Added IC-15 (Mobile Food Service Operations) and Revised the Introductory Notes Page, Acknowledgements Page, Revisions Page, and the Table of Contents.

July 19, 2013 - Revised Chapter 6 (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan).

December 31, 2012 - Revised IC-10 (Dumpsters).

May 10, 2011 - Revised ES-14 (Silt Fence).

January 19, 2010 - Revised Chapter 8 (List of Related Websites).

October 28, 2009 - Revised ES-24 (Temporary Inlet Protection).

October 26, 2007 - Revised ST-01 (Dry Detention Basin), ST-02 (Wet Detention Basin) and ST-10 (Detention Computations).

August 10, 2007 - Revised IC-08 (Power and Pressure Washing).

April 24, 2007 - Added 3 Special Pollution Abatement Permits for Vehicle and Equipment Facilities (vehicle and equipment dealerships and storage facilities, fueling stations, repair shops, etc.), Vehicle Wash Facilities (car washed, etc.), and Large Parking Lot Facilities (large parking lots, warehouses, etc.) Revised the Special Pollution Permit Application specifically for Food Handling and Processing Facilities (restaurants, grocery stores, food services, etc.).

June 1, 2006 - Added a new Special Pollution Abatement Permit Application specifically for Food Handling and Processing Facilities (restaurants, grocery stores, food services, etc.).

May 30, 2003 - The BMP Manual was changed extensively to incorporate the revised Stormwater and Street Ordinance and also the reissued NPDES permit from TDEC. Other comments were incorporated, with an additional category for RH (Residential & Homeowners).(07-29-03) Revised ES-29 to match new TDOT standard details for erosion control.