Smarter Cities Partnership

Sustainability Director

Erin Gill
(865) 215-4430

400 Main St., Room 503
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Smarter Cities Challenge

Like many communities, many Knoxville neighborhoods struggle with the lingering symptoms of mid-20th century urban disinvestment. Housing infrastructure is aging and consumes energy in excess, often leaving residents with utility bills too large for them to pay.  In 2012, 9,670 households in the Knoxville area received assistance to pay their utility bills; other families were turned away due to lack of funding or may have gone without other basic needs in order to keep their lights on. 

In 2013, through the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, the City of Knoxville received $400,000 in technical assistance from expert consultants who assessed strategies to connect energy efficiency services with utility bill assistance and other programs serving lower income populations. This analysis catalyzed the Knoxville Smarter Cities Partnership, a coalition of over 20 community organizations seeking to improve the quality, comfort, and affordability of inner city homes through energy efficiency.  Over the last two year, the Smarter Cities Partnership has engaged dozens of community leaders and residents in discussions about how to improve energy efficiency and weatherization services in Knoxville. 

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IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Background Info
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Final Report from IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team 08/13/13 [PDF]
Presentation from IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team 05/17/13 [PDF]
2013 Smarter Cities Challenge Grant Winners
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Press Releases:
Press Release: 09/26/13 - Smarter Cities Stakeholder Council Launches [PDF]
Press Release: 08/13/13 - IBM Report Calls for 'Citywide Campaign' on Weatherization [PDF]
Press Release: 05/17/13 - IBM Smarter Cities Team Recommends Community-Wide Effort [PDF]
Press Release: 05/15/13 - IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team to Present Final Report [PDF]
Press Release: 04/30/13 - Mayor Rogero Welcomes IBM Smarter Cities Team to Knoxville [PDF]
Press Release: 04/25/13 - City Welcomes the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team [PDF]
Press Release: 11/14/12 - Knoxville Wins IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Grant [PDF]

A video of Mayor Rogero discussing the City's application at the IBM Smarter Cities Summit
Click here for larger view of video