Backdoor Garbage Service

Solid Waste Manager

Patience Melnik
(865) 215-4311

400 Main St., Room 470
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Makenzie Read
Public Service Coordinator

**The City has Modernized its Residential Garbage Pick-Up Services**

If you have not received your gray City of Knoxville trash cart yet please call 311.

Visit our Curbside Garbage page for complete details. Click here for frequently asked questions or check out the Cart Smart Blog.

If you qualify for free backdoor garbage service from the City – your service will NOT be interrupted!!!

What is backdoor service?  Backdoor service means the City’s contractor collects your garbage and recycling directly from your home instead of requiring that you bring it to the curb or alley. This service is for those who have no family member, neighbor or other person in the household physically able roll the cart to the curb or alley.

Who qualifies for free backdoor service?  Backdoor garbage collection is offered to those above the age of 75 or those who have a medical need for this service and have no family member, neighbor or other person in the household physically able to roll the cart to the curb or alley.  

How do I apply for backdoor service?  Call 311 to request an application.  Fill out the application, provide the necessary documentation (copy of driver’s license or a doctor’s signature), and return the form to the City of Knoxville.  You will be notified of your approval and your service should start soon after.
Is there an option to pay for backdoor service if I do not qualify based on age or medical reason?  The City's contractor, Waste Connections can provide subscription backdoor service for a monthly fee.  Contact Waste Connections directly at 865-522-8161 to make these arrangements.  Subscription backdoor service applies only to garbage collection - there is not a backdoor option for recycling under the subscription backdoor service, recycling must be taken to the curb.