Zoning Ordinance Update - Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee

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The City of Knoxville is in the process of updating the Zoning Ordinance, which was originally written over 50 years ago. This update seeks to promote development and redevelopment in a manner that uses resources efficiently, towards a strong, sustainable, walkable community.

The Mayor created the ad hoc Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee as part of a larger effort to encourage and gather public input. All of the committee's feedback - to the consultant, the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), MPC Staff, City Staff and City Council, is advisory only.


The Mayor appoints and City Council confirms all 20 members of this Committee. The Committee is supported by City and MPC staff as needed. Members serve two year terms, limited to one consecutive term, then one year break.


The Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee meets monthly. Meeting dates are determined and announced on the MPC website at knoxmpc.org/zoning/city-zoning-update.

Click here to view current committee membership and to check for opportunities to serve on this committee.