Parks and Recreation Director

Sheryl Ely
(865) 215-4311

Lakeshore Park
5930 Lyons View Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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West Hills Park (6)
Sam Duff Memorial Park (4)
Tyson Park (6)
Inskip Park (2)
Edgewood Park (2) 

Cecil Webb (3)
Christenberry (3)
Cumberland Estates (3)
Deane Hill Recreation Center (3)
Inskip Recreation Center (1)
Lonsdale (1)
Milton Roberts (3)
Richard Leake (1)
South Knoxville Community Center (3)
West Haven (1)

Pickleball is America's fastest growing sport and specifically is a mixture of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.  It's fast, fun, and exciting and is VERY popular in groups of aging citizens! However, Pickleball is fun for people of all ages and no experience is necessary to play! So, join in the fun and learn something new with Pickleball! Equipment is available to use at Rec Centers.  No experience required.

Knoxville Pickleball

3rd Annual Fall Pickleball Tournament - SAVE THE DATE!!!!
October 5-7, 2018
West Hills Park



The Parks and Recreation Department is very thankful for our community's continued support in growing the sport of Pickleball in our wonderful City! We have enjoyed being a part of this growth with the opportunities we have provided thus far and look forward to providing more and more opportunities in the future! With that being said, we wanted to inform you of a change that we are implementing at the beginning of this fiscal year, specifically July 1, 2017. After lots of research, department meetings, discussions with several local Pickleball players, etc., we have decided to implement a Pickleball Membership opportunity that is available to each of you. Click on the "Membership Information" link below to find information regarding fees, benefits, registration information, etc. Also listed is our new "Pickleball Code of Conduct" as well as a PDF called "Knoxville Pickleball: Celebrating our Past & Shaping the Future", that specifically answers frequently asked questions to this most recent membership addition.

If you choose to forego signing up for the membership at this time, you can still sign up at any point throughout the year (the membership fee will decrease each quarter and will start over July 1, 2018). Keep in mind, we will still be charging daily fees at the Recreation Centers throughout the year if you are a non-member. Daily fees are listed below per center offering.

Membership Information [PDF]
Pickleball Code of Conduct [PDF]
Knoxville Pickleball: Celebrating our Past & Shaping the Future [PDF]


Knoxville now has 10 outdoor pickleball courts open to the public at no charge and is first come, first serve basis. If you have an interest and would like to request private block times for these outdoor courts, please contact our office for pricing and reservation requests.

6 courts at West Hills Park at 7624 Sheffield Drive
4 courts at Sam Duff Memorial Park at 4060 Chapman Highway
6 lighted courts at Tyson Park at 2351 Kingston Pike - 6 pickleball courts on courts 1-3 and this site has court use fee
2 courts at Inskip Park at 4204 Bruhin Road - 2 tennis courts with pickleball lines
2 courts at Edgewood Park at 3109 Ocoee Trail - 2 tennis courts with pickleball lines


Knoxville Parks & Recreation is committed to the growth and development of pickleball and the local pickleball community with open play opportunities as well as more competitive offerings, such as tournaments and leagues.  Did you know that since the fall of 2013 (when we began offering pickleball at one recreation center) we have increased our pickleball offerings to 21 indoor pickleball courts at 9 rec centers and 10 outdoor pickleball courts at 2 parks?  Therefore, in order to support the future growth  and need of the game of pickleball in our City, there will be a nominal fee to play pickleball during indoor play at recreation center beginning May 30, 2017.  We are currently researching "frequent player passes" and hope to have more information in the coming weeks.


Recreation Centers are also available for rentals, block times, leagues, etc. See Membership Information for details.

Click for May 21 to August 10 Offerings [PDF]

Deane Hill Recreation Center (3 courts)
$2 per person per visit without COK Pickleball Membership

7400 Deane Hill Drive

Mondays – 6pm - 8:45pm (open)
Wednesdays - 6pm - 8:45pm (open)

No pickleball at DH on Mon 5/21, Mon 5/28, Wed 6/6, Wed 7/4

Inskip Recreation Center (1 court)
$1 per person per visit without COK Pickleball Membership

301 West Inskip Road

Tuesdays – 9am-10am (intro)
Tuesdays - 10am-2pm (open)
Fridays – 1pm-4pm (open)

South Knoxville Community Center (3 courts)
$2 per person per visit without COK Pickleball Membership

522 Maryville Pike

Tuesdays – 6pm - 8:45pm (open)
Thursdays – 6pm - 8:45pm (open)


2nd Annual Fall Pickleball Tournament - Fall 2017
October 13-15, 2017 at West Hills Park, 7624 Sheffield Dr.
Tournament Flyer [PDF] 
Tournament Schedule [PDF]

2nd Annual Spring Pickleball Tournament - Spring 2017
April 21-23, 2017 at West Hills Park, 7624 Sheffield Dr.
Tournament Results [PDF]
Tournament Flyer [PDF]
Friday Singles [PDF] 
Saturday Doubles  [PDF]
Sunday Mixed Doubles [PDF]

Knoxville's First Fall Pickleball Tournament - Fall 2016
Men's Singles Bracket [PDF]
Women's Singles Bracket [PDF]
Women's Doubles (Lower) Bracket [PDF]
Women's Doubles (Higher) Bracket [PDF] 
Men's Doubles (Lower) Bracket [PDF]
Men's Doubles (Higher) Bracket [PDF] 
Mixed Doubles (Higher) Bracket [PDF]

Knoxville's First Pickleball Tournament - Spring 2016
April 15-17, 2016 at West Hills Park, 7624 Sheffield Dr.
Singles Draws Men & Women Friday Bracket [PDF]
Doubles Draws Men & Women Saturday Bracket [PDF] 
Mixed Doubles Draws Sunday Bracket [PDF]
Dynamic Sports Divisions Friday Bracket [PDF]


For more information about Pickleball, check out www.usapa.org.