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Scooter Update
A temporary glitch prevented the company from confining the scooters to the agreed-upon center city area of operation, but once the geofencing function is corrected, the scooters will be back.

  Electric Scooter Contact Info
  You must download one of the apps Spin or VeoRide to set up rental info or to file a complaint about a scooter. Each scooter also has a phone number on it that you can call for issues.
  Electric Scooter Map
  Scooters must be ridden in the streets and are not allowed on sidewalks or greenways. Scooters can be ridden on many downtown streets but not currently on Market Square, Cumberland Ave. or Henley Bridge. Also, scooters are not to be ridden on the interstate. Click here to view a map of available and restricted areas.
How do I find a scooter?
The first thing you will want to do is to download the apps, Spin and VeoRide. When you have the app loaded with your credit card information, you will be ready to engage an electric scooter. The app will provide locations of scooters and the map where scooters are permitted.

How much are scooters to rent?
Approximately, $1.00 plus 15 cents a minute. So if you were to rent a scooter for one hour, the cost would be $10.00. The prices may vary with time and companies.

Where can scooters be ridden?
Electric scooters must be ridden in the streets. They are not allowed on sidewalks or greenways.

How far can I go on the scooter?
The scooters can be ridden on downtown streets, but not on Market Square, Cumberland Avenue, or the Henley Bridge. The app provides a map area where scooters can be ridden. If you approach the border of the area, your scooter will give you a verbal warning to turn around or change direction.

How old do I have to be to ride a scooter?
Eighteen (18) years of age; 13-17 with adult’s consent / identification. You must have a valid identification to rent a scooter.

How fast can an electric scooter go?
Electric scooters can only travel at 15 mph. This speed can, and may, be reduced during special events.

What times are scooters available?
Generally, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. This time is subject to change based on special events.

SPIN ScooterWhat other factors impact when electric scooters are available?
If it is raining, or there is a strong chance of rain in the forecast, electric scooters will not be available.

How many scooters are available?
Initially, 250 electric scooters will be available. This number will increase with the launch of the second company in the coming months and may change due to demand.

Where should I park my scooter when I am finished?
You can park a scooter adjacent to the rental bicycle holding area, PACE, or park it where a bicycle could be safely parked. Please do not lay it across the sidewalk or road. Rather, park the scooter upright and out of the way of pedestrians and moving vehicles.

What if I have problems with my scooter?
There is a customer service number on the scooter.

How do I report a complaint about a scooter?
If you need to make a complaint about a scooter, you can use the app or call the phone number on the scooter.

Can I be fined for using my scooter inappropriately?
Yes, you may be fined for leaving your scooter in a position that impedes pedestrian, bicycle, or motor vehicle traffic or other misuse. You may also be fined and ticketed for not complying with traffic rules and regulations.


The two companies selected for the electric scooter pilot project in Knoxville are Zagster, partnering with Spin, and VeoRide. Spin is launching at the end of March 2019.

The program is for a one-year pilot, which can be renewed. The City, or the companies, may end the pilot with 30 days’ notice.

All of the above information will be assessed on a regular basis for updates and modifications.