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The decorative lights on the Henley Bridge are malfunctioning and have been turned off pending repair.

Henley Bridge Decorative Lighting Request Form
Priority in choosing colors for the Henley Bridge deck's decorative lights will be given to promoting events that celebrate the City, its civic institutions, City-recognized holidays, public events and festivals. Requests to change the color or pattern of the bridge's decorative lights will be accommodated as dates are available. The City retains the right to refuse requests. If multiple requests are made for different colors on the same dates, preference will be given to events that are locally organized and that affect the largest number of Knoxville residents.
Group or Individual Requesting Commemorative Lighting
Phone Number
Email Address
Date Requested
Event Being Commemorated
Colors Requested
If possible, please send a copy of logo or flier to evreeland@knoxvilletn.gov
Additional Information about Your Group's Event
The bridge lighting schedule will be set each fall for the following year. Groups and/or individuals submitting Henley Bridge lighting requests will be notified about the status of their requests. Also, a schedule listing the bridge colors by dates, and what the colors signify, will be available at www.knoxvilletn.gov/henleylights.