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Rachel Butzler
Deputy Director

Public Works Service Center
3131 Morris Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37909 

The Public Service Department (PSD) provides a majority of the everyday services residents of City of Knoxville use every day. These services include garbage collection, brush/yard waste and leaf collection, facility and street maintenance, horticulture services, among many others. The PSD is comprised of 292 employees and has a total annual operating budget of $35 million. The department consists of four primary divisions: Administration, Operations (Service Areas, Horticulture, Facility Services, Construction / Street Service, Urban Forestry), & Solid Waste.

For information on any each division within the Public Service Department, please click on the above links.

Click here to view a PDF map of the City's Services Areas.

If you need general information about Public Service, the City of Knoxville, or if you have a request for one of the services that we provide, please contact 3-1-1 or choose from the links below for information on the routine services we provide.

Bulky Waste Collection - Bulky waste is picked up every week with your household garbage.
Brush Collection - Brush collection occurs every two weeks from March through October To prevent traffic accidents, please do not place brush piles in streets.
Courtesy Boxes - The City's Public Service Department provides courtesy dumpsters as a free service to all city residents "two" times per year.
Dead Animal Pickup - To report a problem please call 3-1-1 or 865-215-4311.
Household Garbage Collection (Waste Connections) - Waste Connections picks up weeekly. Call Waste Connections at 865-522-0078.
Household Hazardous Waste - City of Knoxville and Knox County residents may dispose of household hazardous waste by taking it to the City's Solid Waste Facility located at 1033 Elm Street.
Leaf Collection - There are four pickups in each neighborhood from November through February. Leaves should be placed in piles along the curb rather than in rows.
Pothole Patching - Call 3-1-1 or 865-215-4311 to report pothole locations which will then be filled as soon as possible.
Recycling - Drop-off Centers - There are several recycling drop-off supercenters in the city that are operated in conjunction with Kroger and Goodwill Industries. The centers are open 24 hours a day.
Recycling - Household Curbside Service - Households in the City limits of Knoxville that receive weekly garbage collection are eligible for the curbside recycling program. There is currently a waiting list.
Right-of-Way Mowing - Mowing occurs every four weeks between Apr. 1 and Oct. 15 and as needed at other times of the year.
Snow and Ice Removal - When inclement weather hits the Knoxville area, Public Service responds by following a priority based plan.
Solid Waste Special Projects - This division is responsible for the City's recycling and drop-off centers, public awareness projects such as recycling events and environmental education programs such as backyard composting.
Solid Waste Management Facility - The Solid Waste Management Facility is where individuals and businesses can dispose of a wide variety of solid waste materials.
Storm Drain Maintenance - When storm drains or City pipes become clogged, Public Service will remove debris and correct the issue to return proper water flow.
Street Sweeping - All streets will be swept or flushed on an as needed basis and alley maintenance will be done twice each year.

Help Us Help You! 

Here are a few things that citizens can remember that will help keep our neighborhoods safer and cleaner: 

• Construction and demolition debris is not collected by City crews or Waste Connections. You are responsible for this disposal. Leaving construction debris on the curb is a violation.
• Brush and other yard waste should be gathered in piles measuring 6' X 6' X 6' and, to prevent traffic problems, should not be placed in the streets. Do not place brush atop spigots, clean out pipes or other protruding utility connections.
• Each home is allowed one City of Knoxville issued 95 gallon garbage cart and 95 gallon recycling cart. Overflow household waste that is not inside the City-issued cart will not be collected.
• Tree trimmings and cutting debris created by private companies and/or contractors must be removed by the company.
• Open burning is prohibited, except as provided by the Fire Prevention Code and state and local air pollution control regulations.
• Property owners are responsible for keeping their property in a clean and sanitary condition.