Bulky Waste Collection

Solid Waste Manager

Patience Melnik
(865) 215-4311

400 Main St., Room 470
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Makenzie ReadBulky Waste
Public Service Coordinator

**The City Has Modernized its Residential Garbage Pick-Up Services**

If you have not received your City of Knoxville gray garbage cart please call 311.

Now that you have received your new City-issued garbage cart please remember that all weekly household garbage must fit inside the cart to be collected. Any overflow household garbage will not be collected. Please see our curbside garbage page for more details.

Residents who cannot find a way to reuse their old trash cans nor know of anyone else who could reuse their old trash cans may place them inside the new City of Knoxville issued trash cart and fill up the rest of the garbage cart with their household trash. If your old garbage can cannot fit inside the new cart then it is considered bulky waste and must be set beside your new cart empty  with a note on it that clearly says, "DISCARD". It could take up to 48 hours to be collected. Thank you for your patience as we transition into a more modern trash collection system! 

Visit our Curbside Garbage page for complete details. Click here for frequently asked questions or check out the Cart Smart Blog

Starting in January 2017 residents can set out their wheeled garbage cart with household trash in the cart, plus up to 5 bulky items.

What is bulky waste?
• Bulky waste items are household items such as furniture, tires, appliances, and other household items too large to fit in your garbage cart, and are set out on the same day as garbage next to your cart (allowing for up to 48 hours from collection day to be picked up).

Which acceptable bulky items have special care instructions prior to pickup?
• Appliances containing coolant (e.g. refrigerator/freezer) must be drained of Freon by certified personnel and tagged with proof of proper draining.  Freon containing appliances not tagged appropriately will not be collected and hauled away.  Residents can also transport these appliances to the Solid Waste Management Facility or to PSC metals where qualified staff can drain the appliance and discard appropriately.
• Carpet set out for disposal must be no longer than 6 feet in length and must be rolled and tied.

What is NOT considered bulky waste?

• Construction waste is not bulky waste and is the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner to remove.  These materials can be taken to the Solid Waste Management Facility at 1033 Elm Street.  
• Home renovation materials are not bulky waste.  This includes even small projects such as replacing doors, windows, toilets, and other home improvement projects.  These materials can be taken to the Solid Waste Management Facility at 1033 Elm Street for proper disposal.  
• Bulky waste is NOT additional bags of household garbage that the cart was too full to hold.
• Cardboard boxes are NOT considered bulky waste as they can be broken down to fit inside your cart. We highly recommend recycling your cardboard boxes in the City-issued recycling carts or at one of the 13 recycling drop-off centers available to you at no charge. 
• Other items that will not be picked up as bulky waste include but are not limited to specialty items such as pianos, auto parts, yard waste, and construction and demolition material.  
• If you have difficulty keeping garbage to the amount the cart will hold, the City offers other options, including a recycling program that can help residents manage waste. Also, Waste Connections will provide an additional cart and service for a small fee. Call Waste Connections at 865-522-8161 for more information.  

What specialty items are suggested to call ahead prior to set out?
*The following items require special disposal; therefore, it is best to call Waste Connections ahead of time so that they send out the proper equipment to handle the items accordingly. Please call 865-522-8161 ext. 2 before setting the following items out for disposal*

• Anything considered hazardous: tires, refrigerators, water heaters (items that contain coolant), etc. 
• Mattresses

Reporting Missed Bulky Garbage Pickup:
*If your bulky items were set next to your City of Knoxville trash cart by 7 AM on your pickup day and were not collected within 48 hours then please call 311. Please note the information above as what you set out may require a call ahead or is not deemed acceptable bulky waste. Waste Connections has 48 hours from your regular pickup day to collect your bulky waste so please wait until that time frame passes to call 311.