Savings in the House

Sustainability Director

Erin Gill
(865) 215-4430

400 Main St., Room 503
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Savings in the House

Savings in the House is a project of the Smarter Cities Partnership, which is led by the City of Knoxville.  The goal of Savings in the House is to teach simple, low-cost ways for Knoxville residents to save money on their utility bill, reducing their monthly energy consumption, and increase their in-home comfort. 

By following the tips below and in the Savings in the House resource guide, you can lower your utility bill without a lot of work or money, and without your landlord or an expensive hired professional.  

Here's How:

Light switchTurn off the lights when you leave a room 
When it comes to energy use, the little things you do around the house are a big deal--they add up!  Tape a note by the doorway to help you remember.
Washer and dryerWash your clothes in cold water 
It's not how you were taught to do laundry, but cold water really will get your clothes just as clean, without draining your wallet.  Save money and time by combining all colors of clothes to do fewer loads.  (Dirty cloth diapers still need to wash in hot water, though).
A thermostatKeep you thermostat as high in the summer and as low in winter as you comfortably can 
Every degree you raise the temperature in summer or lower it in winter will save you money!  Aim for 78 degrees in summer or 68 degrees in winter to make the biggest change in your bill.  Try adjusting it one degree a day so you don't feel as big a difference.  If your heating or cooling system runs all the time, this tip is extra important.
An air ventCheck your air vents
Be sure to move any furniture that blocks the vents (or the return) in rooms you regularly use.  Close the doors to rooms you don't use.  You can keep indoor air from escaping under doors and windows by blocking it with rolled-up towels.

What's the right next step for you?

1. Attend a free Savings in the House workshop to learn DIY no- and low-cost tips. Contact to find out about upcoming Savings in the House workshops or to request a workshop for your workplace or neighborhood.

2. Sign up to have an eScore advisor recommend improvements specific to your home or apply to a retrofit program through CAC (click images below to learn more!)

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