Knoxville Track Club installs mile markers along City greenways

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Kristin Farley
(865) 215-2589

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Knoxville Track Club installs mile markers along City greenways

Posted: 11/21/2008
As racers and walkers make their way along city greenways during the 2008 Mercy Health Partners CrossKnox 15k Race and 5k Walk this Saturday, they may notice a new feature on the trails.

Every greenway the race crosses will feature permanent mile markers, a result of a Knoxville Track Club offer last year to install the markers along all of the City of Knoxville's greenways.

The Parks and Recreation accepted and, when it's completed, the near $11,000 KTC project will have placed the distance markers along all 41 miles of greenways in the city.

They will give users of the city's greenway system an answer to a familiar question, "Exactly how far have I gone?" 

"The KTC wanted to give back to the community, which is why we committed to the mile marker project," said Betty Schohl, KTC President. "Several KTC members have donated countless hours of labor toward this effort on top of the club's funding of the project." 

KTC worked with City officials to determine logistics of the project, including material type, design approval, and location selection. The mile markers indicate every quarter mile within the greenways. 

"The Knoxville Track Club is a very involved, succinct organization and has proven so over many years," explained Joe Walsh, Knoxville Parks and Recreation Director. "We knew that this would be a successful partnership that would benefit not only runners, but all pedestrians that use our greenways." 

Walsh went on to point out that the markers not only help with knowing distances, but they also help with safety on greenways.

"If there is an emergency on the greenway, a patron now has the ability to give a definitive location to rescue crews from within a several-mile greenway," he explained.

More than 26 miles of greenway mile marker signs have been installed to date and the KTC plans to finish marking all city greenways in 2009. 

"Organizations like the Knoxville Track Club are one of the reasons that Knoxville is such a vibrant city," said Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. "We're grateful for this project and for everything the KTC has done for the city and its residents. The KTC is a wonderful example of how a committed organization can make its community a better place for everyone." 

For more information on City greenways, please visit or call the City Greenways Coordinator at 865-215-2807.

Please refer to the list of greenways with a complete mile marker system below:

Greenways Completed with Mile Markers

Sequoyah and extension to Third Creek (2.9 mi.)
Third Creek (4.0 mi.)
Neyland/James White (4.0 mi.)
Bearden (2.1 mi.)
Lakeshore (2.1 mi.)
Jean Teague (1.9 mi.)
Morningside (1.6 mi.)
Will Skelton (3.5 mi.)
Holston River (1.5 mi.)
Parkside/Turkey Creek (2.0 mi.)

Remaining Greenways

Victor Ashe/NW (2.70 mi.)
Middlebrook/Liberty (1.46 mi.)
First Creek/Caswell (1.4 mi.)
Second Creek (1.2 mi.)
Adair/Clancy (1.1 mi.)
Weisbarger (1.0 mi.)
Cavet Station (1.0 mi.)
Knoxville Botanical Gardens (0.9 mi.)
Gary Underwood (0.8 mi.)
Ten Mile Creek (0.6 mi.)
Fountain City (0.3 mi.)