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300-foot-tall Workhorse: Powerful Crane in Place on Central Street 
A 300-foot-tall Austrian-made crane is in place on South Central Street to begin the next phase of the State Street Garage expansion. This view is from the Cal Johnson Rec Center on Hall of Fame Drive.

It's certainly big. And it's also plenty strong.

Check out the brand new LR Liebherr 1300 crane, manufactured in Austria. 

It arrived in Galveston, Texas, last week and then began arriving in pieces in Knoxville. 

The crane is now in place on South Central Street, east of State Street Garage. For the next eight months or so, this will be the workhorse as crews with The Christman Co. construction team begin building two new decks onto the top of the garage.

The expansion will add 570 new parking spaces in the heart of downtown Knoxville.

The new crane stands 300 feet tall. It weighs 650,000 pounds, and it's capable of hoisting 96,000-pound loads.

The view in the photo above is from the Cal Johnson Recreation Center on Hall of Fame Drive. The photo below was shot from the Church Avenue Viaduct, looking north on Central toward the Old City.

This new crane will be doing the heavy lifting for eight months as the State Street Garage expands - 2 new decks and 570 additional parking spaces. This view is from the Church Avenue Viaduct.

Posted by evreeland On 19 November, 2018 at 3:15 PM