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Investigators Brandon Glover and Brandon Stryker Presented with 2021 First Responder Recognition Awa 
Knoxville Police Department Organized Crime Unit Investigators Brandon Glover and Brandon Stryker were presented with 2021 Tennessee Office of Homeland Security First Responder Recognition Awards on Thursday morning during a ceremony that was held in Nashville, Tennessee.  

The First Responder Recognition Award is presented to select first responders from various emergency response agencies from across the state for their outstanding or heroic actions while serving the people of Tennessee.  

Investigators Glover and Stryker were picked to receive the award based on their exhaustive efforts leading a months-long, multi-agency investigation into the Vice Lords gang, which recently led to the conviction of numerous violent offenders in federal court. After evidence was presented in federal court during a two-week trial in July, eight defendants were found guilty of a multitude of charges, including conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and weapons charges. Additionally, another seven defendants pled guilty to similar charges prior to the trial.  

The proof presented at the trial revealed that seven of the defendants were members of the Unknown Ghost Vice Lords in Knoxville, while another defendant was a member of the Black P Stone Bloods in Chattanooga. The proof also showed that the members of the Unknown Ghost Vice Lords distributed kilogram quantities of methamphetamine and other drugs in the Knoxville and Chattanooga area.  

“This investigation required a high level of investigative, logistical and management skill on the parts of Officers Stryker and Glover, as they led a multi-agency effort across several jurisdictions, doing so at great personal sacrifice as they dedicated thousands of hours to the pursuit of these criminal gang members,” said Lieutenant Andrew Boatman of the Organized Crime Unit. “Their efforts resulted not only in the dismantling of a violent criminal conspiracy but has directly impacted and made safer communities across East Tennessee.”  

“This is a well-deserved recognition for Investigators Glover and Stryker, who displayed remarkable expertise, dedication and teamwork to help make this conviction possible,” said Chief of Police Eve Thomas. “We applaud their selfless service to make the community safer and are grateful to the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security for recognizing their efforts.”  

More information regarding the conviction can be found here.

Stryker and Glover are both assigned as investigators with the Knoxville Police Department Organized Crime Unit. Stryker has been with the KPD since 2006, while Glover joined the KPD in 2004.  

The link to watch the ceremony can be found here.
Posted by serland On 09 September, 2021 at 2:09 PM