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Public Works Week: Traffic Engineering Improves the Way Knoxville Moves 
Street Painting
City Traffic Engineering crew paints markings on Sevier Avenue.

Knoxville’s Traffic Engineering Department has 33 technicians and engineers managing the City’s traffic system 24/7.

This traffic system entails:
  • 1200 miles of streets
  • 390 signalized intersections
  • 50,000 regulatory warning and wayfinding signs
  • 140 school zone flashers
  • 42 miles of guardrails
  • 30,000 street lights
  • 1,600 parking meters
  • All traffic markings (lanes, stop bars, center lines, crosswalks, arrows, etc.)
Sign Shop Staff
At the City sign shop, Traffic Engineering technicians make many of the City's traffic signs. Pictured: Keith Black and Bryan Gilbert.

In addition to the ongoing upkeep of these traffic system components, City engineers are constantly tasked with seeking improvements to the system.

With ever-increasing advancements in communications, data collection, and analysis technology for traffic operations, there’s a greater chance to synchronize the system for real-time response to traffic needs and conditions.

Jeff Branham, City of Knoxville Traffic Engineering Chief, recently spoke on a panel discussion with WUOT in April. The hour-long interview covers the potential opportunities and current steps the City of Knoxville is taking with “Smart City” technological advancements.

Click HERE to have a listen to the interview!
Posted by On 25 May, 2018 at 1:09 PM