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Multiple Projects on Cedar Lane 
Cedar Lane sidewalk construction

Cedar Lane, a staple route of the Fountain City/North Knoxville community, has been under construction for several separate projects.

Rogers Group, Inc., a crew contracted by the City of Knoxville to execute the City’s 2018 Resurfacing Project, recently repaved a 2.75-mile section of Central Avenue Pike between Dante Road and Dutch Valley Drive.

Additionally, the City has hired Whaley Construction to build the 0.4-mile extension of sidewalk between Pratt Road and Haynes-Sterchi Road.

The $300,000 project will link the existing Merchant Drive/Cedar Lane sidewalk system to the Windsor Court Apartments and provide a pedestrian crossing across the Norfolk Southern Railroad.


Speaking of which, Norfolk Southern Railroad is systematically working through railroad improvements at crossings of City streets. This is not a City of Knoxville project, but it will impact the roads in the City and surrounding areas.

As the railroad receives maintenance, street intersections will be closed for 1-3 days. This process will last through the upcoming months, affecting the following intersections:
  • Inskip Rd/Knoxville
  • Cedar Ln/Knoxville
  • Dante Rd/Knoxville
  • Emory Rd/Powell
  • Brickyard Rd/Powell
  • Copeland Dr/Powell
  • Brushy Valley Rd/Heiskell
  • Bullrun Valley Rd/Heiskell
  • Depot Rd/Heiskell
  • Crisman Rd/Heiskell
  • Wolf Valley Rd/Clinton
  • Lee Rd/Clinton
  • Portwood/ ClintonYarnell Rd/Clinton

Posted by On 23 July, 2018 at 1:41 PM