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Free After School Program Offered Citywide at 10 Recreaton Centers 
Jump Roping at Deane Hille Recreation Center
Youth at Deane Hill Recreation Center participate in a jump rope skills session as part of the After School Program.

As children head back to school next week, City recreation centers will open up its corresponding free After School Program at ten recreation centers spread across town.

It might sound too good to be true, but we promise you'll still be here after pinching yourself: Knoxville Parks and Recreation offers free after school care 2:45-5:30 p.m. on school days for children ages 6- to 12-years-old.

Chess program at Cal Johnson Recreation Center
Elijah Wood, Recreation Specialist for Knoxville Parks and Recreation, leads a chess program at Cal Johnson Recreation Center.

Our Recreation Specialists develop close relationships with the kids and their families through our After School Program," said Sheryl Ely, Parks and Recreation Director. "The kids have someone each afternoon who is checking on their day and providing them with healthy snacks as well as fun activities that improve their fitness."

Each center has:
  • at least two Recreation Specialists coordinating daily programming
  • free, healthy snacks provided daily by the Knoxville Community Action Committee
  • a study space so that children can do their homework
  • gymnasiums complete with basketball striping, (varying centers also have volleyball, pickleball, and four square games)
  • specialized activity opportunities throughout the year, such as:
    -   enriching art activities taught by staff visiting from the Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center
    -   tennis and golf lessons from contracted professionals associated with Knoxville Parks and Recreation’s   athletic programming
    -   jump roping skills lessons
    -   lessons on varying forms of performing arts taught by local dance professionals
    -   a Kids Can Bike! program for fourth and fifth graders, where children learn basic bicycling skills and go on greenway rides
    -   other specialty activities that vary per center
To register your child for the City’s free After School Program, call or visit a recreation center directly. (Click recreation center name for contact information and more).

City Center Knox Location Phone
Cal Johnson Recreation Center Downtown 865-522-3177
Cecil Webb Recreation Center South 865-577-0651
Christenberry Community Center North 865-637-5991
Cumberland Estates Recreation Center Northwest 865-588-3442
Deane Hill Recreation Center West 865-690-0781
Dr. E.V. Davidson Community Center East 865-971-4746
Inskip-Norwood Recreation Center North 865-687-6321
Lonsdale Recreation Center West 865-546-0696
Milton Roberts Recreation Center East 865-546-4536
Richard Leake Recreation Center East 865-525-2031
West Haven Recreation Center Northwest 865-546-1315

The City recreation centers just completed the initial year of its revamped summer K.O.R.E. Camp offered at the same ten recreation centers. 904 registered children totaled 17,693 daily visits over the summer and enjoyed the widest variety of regional field trips a City summer program has ever witnessed. View an overlook of the summer K.O.R.E. Camp program by clicking HERE.

Posted by On 02 August, 2018 at 1:50 PM