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Top 5 Reasons to Apply for Public Service Worker I 
Mowing and trimming

The City’s Public Service Department is currently seeking applications for its Public Service Worker I position. Job tasks include (but are not limited to) mowing, trimming, and brush and leaf collection.

Check out these Top 5 Reasons to apply for Public Service Worker I:

  1. CONSISTENT PAY – Salary pay at the City means you are paid whether it’s rain or shine. You always know what your minimum paycheck will be, and that there’s always a job to do!

  2. PAID LEAVE –City employees accumulate at least 10 paid vacation days and 12 paid sick days every year. With seasonal weather, outdoor jobs can be hard on the immune system. When you work at the City, you don’t have to choose between a paycheck or risking your health by working through sickness.

  3. BENEFITS – City employees have access to quality, low-cost health insurance. This is offered with individual or family plans. That goes for eye, dental, and life insurance, as well! There’s also a wealth of other benefits City employees have at their fingertips, including a discounted membership at the YMCA, tuition reimbursement, and an opportunity to potentially earn up to an additional $2,000/year by participating in a wellness program.

  4. RETIREMENT – The City of Knoxville has excellent retirement benefits, with pension, deferred comp, and IRA options.

  5. PROMOTION OPPORTUNITIES – Within a year and half of working with the City, those serving in Public Service Worker I positions have the opportunity to advance their pay by obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License. With nearly 300 positions in the Public Service Department, there are ongoing promotion opportunities once you get your foot in the door!

Applications are due Sept. 4, 2018. Visit www.knoxvilletn.gov/civilservice to apply today!
Posted by On 17 August, 2018 at 3:08 PM